January 27, 2023

The America Few Want to Recognize

“Mr Bosworth was handcuffed and taken away. He was never read his rights; his gun was taken, illegally; he was refused an attorney, although asking for one at least six times; and he was interrogated illegally for several hours. The incident culminated when the Spokane County Sheriff intervened and Mr Bosworth was released after being cited for “failure to comply.””<<<Read More>>>


Bill Proposal: Constitutional Carry in Maine

Constitutional Carry
Facts, Thoughts and Cleared-up Misconceptions
By Jeff W. Zimba
Firearms Policy Consultant – Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine

There is an important bill in the 127th Legislature that is really picking up momentum. The higher profile a bill is, the easier it is to misunderstand, due to the amount of “chatter” around it. I would like to take a moment to explain Senator Eric Brakey’s Constitutional Carry bill, LR 280, and help clear up some misconceptions.

First and foremost, this bill would not permit anyone who is prohibited to own or carry a gun today, to do so. This is a simple fact that keeps getting lost in the messaging. As the law stands today, anyone who can legally purchase and own a handgun can place it on their person and carry it. There are 2 methods of carrying a handgun, open carry and concealed carry. To reiterate, anyone who can legally purchase and own a handgun today, can already carry it. The fly in the ointment is, it must remain exposed. The second way to carry is concealed. To conceal a handgun today, requires a permit issued by the issuing authority in the municipality of the applicant’s residence. It is an ineffective and expensive permitting system for several reasons, and since it has nothing to do with purchasing, owning or carrying the handgun, it is considered by many to be unnecessary.<<<Read the Rest>>>


Interpol: allowing citizens to carry guns in public is most effective way to prevent terror attacks

How long would the jihadis at Charlie Hebdo, Westgate, Mumbai – and many other terror attacks to come – be able to continue killing if they were surrounded by armed citizens? Interpol states that the only way to stop such attacks is to allow citizens to carry arms (the only alternative to an armed citizenry is “extraordinary security” surrounding every area where many people meet – train stations, super markets, schools, etc. – which is of course completely unrealistic). If guns are illegal, only violent criminals, fanatic jihadis and our over-worked, understaffed police will have them.

In case you are unsure whether it is a good idea that citizens legally own firearms: Switzerland has very liberal gun laws and one of the lowest percentages of homicide in the world. Interesting statistics on guns, homicides and firearm related accidents in the US here.<<<Read More>>>