January 31, 2023

Right-To-Know Panel Dog and Pony Show?

According to the Portland Press Herald, “The Right to Know Advisory Committee met Wednesday for its regular meeting and was not scheduled to address the issue. But board member A.J. Higgins, a Maine Public Broadcasting radio reporter, made a motion to take it up when the committee next meets. The motion passed unanimously.”

Perhaps at its best, this effort will be better than nothing, but I have serious doubts. This is, after all, government by government in which government looks out for its own. Few understand the issue of sovereignty and to whom and what power the people choose to give up theirs to. When you cede your own sovereignty into the hands of men, i.e. government and/or the heads of that government, what government does is protected by their right to ignore the laws that servants are expected to adhere to. In other words, government takes your independence and sovereignty and uses it against you because you chose to become that much more helpless, yet believing you have given up nothing.

This panel, like all government pseudo entities, will do just enough to calm down the masses and make the peasants believe they will continue to receive their “bread and circuses.” It amazes me that so few people approve of any congress and yet are so quick to find trust in them. Amazing.