December 2, 2022

Maine DIFW Looking for Volunteer Safety Instructors

Do you enjoy teaching others and sharing your love for the Maine outdoors? The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is looking for volunteer instructors to assist with the delivery of our safety programs.

We annually offer safety classes to approximately 10,000 students statewide in the following disciplines:

 Firearms Safety         Bow Hunter Safety                         Trapping              Crossbow

ATV Safety               Snowmobile Safety                         Watercraft

Interested ethical sportsmen or women who have the desire to keep the Maine tradition alive, promote a safe outdoor experience, and deliver a well structured basic safety class with other team members, should apply.  Giving back to the sport that you have a passion for is a major part of being a true, ethical, sportsman or woman.

We have a growing interest from the public in all of the above disciplines, with major growth in Firearms Hunter Safety and Bow Hunter Safety.  The increase in youth and women in these programs over the last few years has been tremendous.

If you are interested in becoming an instructor, please visit:

To apply, contact the local Regional Coordinator in your Area. Regional Coordinators are listed on the IFW website at

Passionate for outdoor activities and Maine traditions to continue – be part of the team to make it happen!