March 23, 2017

Maine Sportsman’s Alliance Second Amendment Banquet

Easy To Understand Math

How Lives Could Have Been Saved

If the attack at the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood actually happened as we are being told, think of the number of lives that could have been saved if lawful citizens were allowed to carry for protection. As soon as this mind altered man opened fire, a legally armed man would have gunned him down. BUT DON’T GO […]

Gun Deregulation: Quote of the Day

*Editor’s Comment* – Is this an emerging trend, set off by the perception of voters who believe they elected Donald Trump as the new president? This may be a first, at least from what I have heard and read for over a decade – a leader of a gun rights organization actually calling for “broad […]

Pie In The Sky Restoration of Rights

*Editor’s Note* – The below commentary is pie in the sky nonsense based on a false belief that the rulers of the United States Corporate Administration are chosen by the people to apply the Constitution and Bill of Rights to the servitude. To play within a false and rigged system, believing you can change the […]

Fighting Against Destruction of Rights While Promoting Destruction of Rights Makes Little Sense

While I support anyone who will work to protect a person’s God-given right to self protection and the right to choose how one should be able to protect themselves, I cannot, with a straight face, allow for the concession of a right to keep and bear arms while fighting against an absurd, fascist attempt to […]

Maine Law Enforcement are OVERWHELMINGLY opposed to Question 3

What You Are Taught to be Afraid Of

But Don’t Go Look!

Brady Campaign’s Lies About Toddlers and Guns, and Hillary Says “Heller” Was About Toddlers

Do you recall the Humphrey Bogart movie, Casablanca? In that movie is a scene in which German soldiers demand that Rick’s Cafe be closed down. In Rick’s, in a back room, gambling takes place. Rick makes sure that the head of the prefecture gets his share of gambling money. During the scene in which the […]

Fascism Skips Over Socialism Straight to Communism

Which fascists will you vote for?