January 29, 2023

Arizona Approves Bill to Allow Killing Wolves for Protection

“State lawmakers voted Wednesday to let ranchers shoot the Mexican gray wolves being reintroduced to the Southwest despite their listing under federal law as endangered.

On a 16-12 vote the Senate approved legislation that allows a livestock operator or agent to kill a wolf on public lands if it in self defense or the defense of others. The only requirement under HB2699 is that the act must be reported to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.”<<<Read More>>>


When Crooks Pick The Wrong House



Engraving Can Be A Beautiful Thing




If People Just Didn’t Have Access to Flashlights

88-year-old, World War II veteran, Delbert Belton was beaten to death by two black, teenage thugs using big flashlights. Belton might be alive today if we just didn’t have access to flashlights.

On a rational note, it is disgusting that any human has to die, victim of a robbery, rape, beating, hatred, racism or any other reason. I pray the day will come in this country when we will, as a society, address the issue of why there exists enough hatred and disrespect for life, instead of attacking inanimate objects that have nothing to do with murder.


First Time Gun Buyers Looking to Take Responsibility for Own Protection

Evidently, the mantra that people are buying guns at record pace because they are afraid guns won’t be available later on, isn’t exactly accurate. According to what Jim Shepherd on Outdoor Wire says about a recent National Shooting Sports Foundation study, the number one driver behind first time purchases of guns is due to individuals taking responsibility for their own protection and not relying on government for that. Interesting.


Mass Man 76 Charged With Illegally Killing a Bear

If Richard Ahlstrand’s story is true, the Auburn, Massachusetts gestapo (police) have wrongfully charge Ahlstrand with, “illegally killing a bear, illegally baiting a bear, illegal possession of a firearm and failing to secure a weapon.”

This is, once again, further proof that animals remain more protected and with greater rights than wild or even domestic animals. We live in a perverse society; a regulation nation that cares little of rights, human and property rights, and protection of those rights. Instead, our despotic rulers and the totalitarian-minded, brainwashed people who insist on such regulations, would prefer administering all rights first to a bear rather than a human.

I suppose this is what living in a progressive society is about. Society would prefer this man be attacked and mauled and/or killed, than remain safe.



Day Sixteen – No Executive Orders


SHOCK! Nothing posted yet!

With President Obama’s fraudulent act of supposedly signing 23 executive orders to strip you of your right to self protection and protection from tyrants like him, Homeland Security says that if you become a victim of an “active shooting”, grab a pair of scissors and defend yourself. You can’t make this stuff up. Just a tyrannical government and we have one!

Also take notice of what the narrator says in this video of how to be prepared when you call 911. He says to tell the dispatcher, how many shooters, how many weapons and what kind of weapons the shooter is using. Are you kidding me? If a person was close enough to know this, they would be dead. But more importantly, if the victim was close enough AND THEY WERE ALLOWED TO BE ARMED, with something other than a pair of scissors, the shooter would be dead! Brain surgery? I think not.