March 24, 2023

Wisconsin Senator Calls on Senate Leadership to Delist Great Lakes Wolves

Wisconsin senator Tammy Baldwin has written a letter to Senate majority and minority leaders asking them to take action to remove grey wolves from protection of the Endangered Species Act pertaining to the Great Lakes Distinct Population Segment of grey wolves. The move is similar to the Congressional action that resulted in the delisting of wolves in some of the Northern Rockies, excepting Wyoming.

To read the full letter, click on this link.

As when it took congressional action to delist wolves in the Northern Rockies, including a statement prohibiting any court actions on the delisting, the same can of worms stands to be opened in the Great Lakes region. Which brings me to what I find as a very confusing statement made by Senator Baldwin in her letter to Senate Leadership.

“I am proud to support the Endangered Species Act, which has protected iconic species and wildlife for the benefit of future generations. Because of the good work done by so many bringing back the wolf population, I am also proud to support its delisting.”

I find it puzzling that, with a straight face, anyone can say, out of one corner of their mouth, they support the Endangered Species Act, and out of the other they are asking for Senate action necessary to delist wolves because of the flaws written into the Endangered Species Act, combined with abuses and corruption in the Court System. This is typical political double-speak.

Anyone supporting congressional action to override the Endangered Species Act and the ability of the Courts to carry out written laws, cannot support either. The only pride they can take is their success in swindling the people for votes and money.

Nothing changes!

The only question that remains is how long before environmentalists use their great wealth to buy Washington in order to place bill riders that will prohibit delisting and any court action against such a prohibition. As the old saying goes, “What goes around, comes around.”

But don’t go look!