February 6, 2023

“HAARP”ing on Serbia

Many of my contacts in Serbia have spoken of whispered accusations that the unprecedented flooding and unusual weather patterns in the last few years have something to do with the US’ HAARP system. According to one website: “A Serbian journalist was advised not to write about a HAARP installation near Belgrade. After series of texts regarding HAARP antenna system near Barajevo (Belgrade municipality) and application of this ELF system in Serbia the journalist of newspaper Pravda has received a phone call on Monday evening around 10PM from unlisted phone number. The voice on other side of the line gave the journalist a “friendly advice” to stop writing on HAARP.”<<<Read More>>>


Wolf Ignorant Zoo Keepers Allow Child to Be Bitten

A Serbian newspaper reports that in a children section of a zoo, employees were “walking” a 10-month-old wolf “pup” when the dog suddenly jumped on the back of a two-year-old girl and bit her. Ignorance is the cause of this action.

The reports says, “Walking of cubs of different animal species, including wolves, is a common procedure in the zoo. “It is a polar wolf that was manually brought up and fed, it is not aggressive and acts like a dog. Otherwise, any individual that is aggressive is not released from its cage.”

The ignorance comes from denial, more than likely, that all wild animals, whether they were raised in captivity or not, still can and do display their wild aggressiveness, often without any prior notice.

At what expense ignorance?