February 7, 2023

Let’s Introduce Wolves to Washington, D.C.

Bringing in predators is more or less what some brilliant folks are suggesting. Rock Creek Park in Washington, D.C. has too many deer (someone has determined this because someone else said they were smart and could.) To solve this problem of too many deer, the park service is hiring somebody – defined only as “sharpshooters” – to go into the park at night, whenever they feel like it, and kill a few deer. Their quota is said to be 106 deer.

In a Scientific American article, the author says, “The growth [of deer] has been blamed on a lack of predators and growth of deer-friendly residential areas outside cities.”

Reading the comments from readers below the article explains a lot as to why I have my doubts that man ever really landed on the moon. I guess the solution, by some, is to bring in predators big enough to kill deer and kill humans who want to live in a house.

To swear by the statement that predators balance “ecosystems” (what is that anyway?) is akin to swearing that police departments prevent crime. In case you were wondering, sometimes they show up to clean up a crime scene, but generally speaking that add to crime, just as predators add to the problems of those mystical “ecosystems.”

Some fear the deer will spread disease, like Lyme Disease. I wonder if some of these tick-infested deer could be moved over to graze around the White House and Capital. By dumping a handful of very hungry wolves into Washington, D.C. might give them bastards on Capital Hill a taste of how it feels to be surrounded by and fall victim to ravenous wolves, as we are to their corrupt politicking and robbing us of our money and rights.

As was pointed out in one comment about this article, man is The predator. Let him take care of this problem, kill a few deer and feed some hungry people. It shows the usefulness of deer and intelligence of man, in that they can feed people. Brilliant!