March 22, 2023

Wolves attack sheep and lambs in North Sweden

This weekend, wolf attacks were responsible for the deaths of a number of sheep and lambs in northern Sweden, in Sågmyra and Insjön, and on Monday, the County Administrative Board will be reviewing an application that came in to carry out a protective hunt.

Source: Wolves attack sheep and lambs in North Sweden | Alaska Dispatch News


Local Wolf Pack Takes Sheep Herd – USFWS Says Wolves Are Doing Just Fine

Sometimes it is quite easy to figure out the real agenda. Below is a link to a story of some people who attempted to set up a sheep ranch in Wyoming – like that’s some sort of terrible thing (maybe killing a few cops in Baltimore would be better?) – and wolves are systematically destroying the owner’s sheep herd.

In response, according to the article, Mike Jimenez, Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf Coordinator for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, says, “The wolf population is doing just fine…” Obviously! And here reveals the perverted priorities our blinded society abides by; save the damned wolf and to hell with anyone looking to live in peace and make a living. We protect idiots who want to kill humans and to hell with decent, productive persons.

Sick! Absolutely sick behavior…and our tax dollars pay this guy to cherish wolves and allow people to suffer, while at the same time our tax dollars pay government heads to protect killers while innocents suffer.

Yup, that’s about the way it is. I’m looking for an out of planet experience. Anyone want to go?

In the evenings, Janet and Buol Heslin can sit on their back porch in Alta and watch wolves emerge from the nearby national forest. The couple has raised sheep for the last 10 years and the last seven on their farm in Wyoming, and they’ve had a few problems with wolves.

Source: Local wolf pack takes sheep herd – Teton Valley News: News


PETA’s Complaint of ‘Verbal Abuse’ Against Sheep Was Actually Investigated

According to ABC, Nicolah Donovan, president of Lawyers for Animals, said “it is conceivable that verbal abuse of an extreme nature against an animal, whether it be human, sheep or otherwise, could constitute an act of violence,” (Conceivable how?) Lynda Stoner, CEO of a local animal-rights association, said even using the wrong tone of voice could hurt the animals.

Source: PETA’s Complaint of ‘Verbal Abuse’ Against Sheep Was Actually Investigated | National Review Online



Ram Tough errr…Tough Ram?

Maybe just not so bright?



Washington Authorities Target Sheep-Killing Wolves. Wolf Protectors Use Event to Fundraise

According to a Spokesman Review article, authorities in Washington State have decided to order helicopters and shooters to kill four members of the so-called Huckleberry Pack because of persistent depredation by wolves on sheep in the area. This is why forcing large predators into human-settled landscapes is a non-starter.

As is ALWAYS the case, those groups who make a living pretending to care for wild animals, went to work to feverishly do all that they could to raise money. Wolf pimps is what they are, and if it isn’t a wolf, it’s a grizzly bear, a piping plover, a Canada lynx or any other species that can be exploited for profits.

In an email that was sent out by Predator Defense Fund, the effort to stop the destruction of private property by wolves, was called “a secret operation” because Washington officials didn’t take 10 years to consult with the fascists of predator protection first.

The remainder of the email if full of balderdash aimed at playing on the emotions of ignorant people eager to give their money away to fraudulent groups like Predator Defense Fund. Isn’t that why these criminals jump on every opportunity to make money?

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Video: Results of Wolves Sport-Killing Sheep


As Wolves Return to Switzerland, Life is Being Destroyed

“The shepherd points out tufts of black wool on the mountain path, evidence of the recent carnage. The wolf has been and gone. The rise in wolf numbers, boosted by a breeding pack, has raised the question whether man and predator can co-exist in Switzerland.”<<<Read More>>>


Wolves Kill 36 Sheep

“Wolves killed 36 sheep in the village of Akhuryan in Armenia’s Shirak province last night, the Ministry of Emergency Situation reported on Wednesday.”<<<Read More>>>


Wolf Slaughters 20 Sheep

“A blood-thirsty wolf in central Sweden went on a killing spree leaving seven animals dead, while a further 13 had to put down as a result of injuries sustained in the attack.”<<<Read More>>>


Gunshots Didn’t Frighten Away Wolves Determined to Kill Sheep

“Wolves killed at least three lambs and injured an undetermined number of other sheep on private land on the western Zumwalt Prairie, according to a livestock depredation investigation report from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The attack occurred the night of May 29. According to the ODFW report, at 11:30 p.m. a sheepherder heard wolves howling near his trailer and the bedded flock of domestic sheep outside. He went outside and saw three tan-colored wolves in the illumination from his flashlight.

The sheepherder, who was armed with a .22 magnum, then fired several shots in the air and the wolves moved away, but apparently not far. For the next 20 minutes he could hear the sheep being chased in the dark. In the morning he found three dead lambs, one of which was mostly consumed, and 20 sheep that had suffered bite injuries.”<<<Read More>>>