February 7, 2023

Obama Attempting To Abolish Local Sheriff Departments

As is reported at LiveLeak, if it is sincerely the intent of the Obama Administration to get rid of state’s sheriff departments, please use your head for a second and try to imagine why he would want to do that. Is this simply usurping the local law enforcement from the citizens and placing that power in the hands of the Federal Government? And if so, for what reason? Or, does it run much deeper than that?

In one email sent to me this morning, the author wrote: “Disgrace or an Islamo Marxist chess move designed to disarm you with the full force of the central government then commit mass genocide.”

I’m not sure I would concur with the “Islamo Marxist” being the perpetrator of such an action but what was once something in our wildest dreams, has now become a thought, or should be, in the forefronts of our minds. Piece by piece, chunks of our freedoms and control are being chiseled away. Piece by piece big government becomes bigger, with dictatorial powers allocated to the president.

While some may choose to disregard all of this action as nothing more than politics as usual, may I remind you the common denominator in all of this. There exists hundreds of new laws and executive orders that give the reigning president unprecedented powers of control over the people. These powers can be administered in things including full control over all mass media, including radio, television, cell phones, land phones. In addition power to control every aspect of transportation and commerce and even authority to imprison citizens for no reason and without due process.

This is a partial list and the one catalyst needed to place that dictatorial power in the hands of one man, is a national emergency. It’s all there. Everything is in place. The clock ticks.

Again, take a second or two and ask yourself why our president would want to do away with any local law enforcement agency. And while you’re at it, have you considered that there might be more behind the latest effort at gun grab?


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