November 28, 2022

Who are wolf hunters in Yakutia, Russia’s Siberia?

As you might remember, in the early January of 2013, the President of Russia’s Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Yegor Borisov announced the state of emergency in the Siberian region with regard to the increased number of wolves. He ordered the goverment to take measures and decrease the populatation at amount of 3000 wolves in the following year.

Since that moment, I have started receiving many questions and even international calls about wolves in Yakutia from varies people, news agencies, TV production companies and documentalists, who wished to come and make a film.

Further, find answers to questions describing who wolf hunters are and why they hunt wolves.<<<Read More>>>

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Boy 10 Killed By Pack of Wolves in Siberia

From the report of Pravda:

On February 28, 2013, law enforcement agencies received information saying that the body of a 10-year-old boy with signs of violent death had been found on the isthmus of Essey Lake, located in the village of the same name. There were multiple lacerated wounds on the child’s body, similar to animal bites.<<<Read More from Pravda>>>

After this story, maybe it’s time to play a little Wolf/Coyote Bingo. Below is a sample bingo card made for Maine Coyote Bingo. Simply ignore the “Maine” and substitute wolf for “Coyote”. Then see how many boxes, containing excuses for animals, you would like to have fit this story. Good luck! And please don’t share your results with the rest of us. We know about your illness.