January 26, 2023

National Shooting Sports Foundation Supports Gun Control

GunBarrelCurvedPresident Obama has announced his intention to mandate so-called “Smart Gun” technology – to render guns useless except to some previously identified user via finger print or other technology. Make no mistake about it, Obama’s “Smart Gun” mandate is nothing more than another incremental step toward complete registration of guns, control over the Second Amendment, and banning private sales of guns. Such mandates will provide ridiculous restrictions, that not only will not work well but will drive the cost of firearms to highly restrictive levels, further rendering the Second Amendment an elite right for only those who can afford to pay for what ultimately will become a privilege.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation, in a press release sent out yesterday, states that they support Obama’s “Smart Gun” technology. “The National Shooting Sports Foundation does not oppose the development of so-called “smart gun” technology. The industry does, however, oppose ill-conceived government mandates to compel the use of this conceptual technology due to a number of concerns including reliability challenges, product liability concerns, battery life, and unintended safety consequences. We firmly believe the market and consumer demand should be allowed to function without interference from the government. We also oppose any effort to politicize the purchasing of law enforcement equipment.”

It shouldn’t matter whether “Smart Gun” technology works well or doesn’t work well, it is an infringement upon a person’s Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, people should just stick to the traditional ways and Buy guns Alberta. Regardless of what some fake or quasi Second Amendment supporters say, such mandated technology is not reasonable.

Also highly disturbing in the NSSF statement is their concern over the “unreliable technology makes their jobs more dangerous, and puts their lives and public safety at risk.” Why is it that there exists this big concern over whether or not President Obama forces law enforcement to use “Smart Gun” technology, fearing it will put the lives of police officers in potential danger, but there is no mention of whether or not such unproven technology will put the lives of people at risk hampering their ability to protect themselves, their families and their property?

This sure appears to be a placing of the masses at a level beneath that of the president and all political crooks in Washington, and law enforcement, as they can and will have all the gun protection they want with no restrictions. And, here we have one organization, claiming to be in support of gun rights, supporting “Smart Gun” technology for the ignorant and unimportant slaves, while protecting law enforcement from having to abide by the same set of fascist rules.

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As time goes by, people who just get their jollies by ceding more and more of their rights and freedoms, will keep “compromising” them away until one day they are gone. History tells us this is how it is done.