March 22, 2017

Eyes Focused on Right Hand, You Never Know What the Left Hand is Doing

There is No Difference

Or is there?

Talk Like an American Politician

What Slick Willy and “W” Started, Barry Finished

You figure it out. If you ain’t smart enough, you’ll just keep on doing what you been doing. Click on Image to Enlarge

What’s Left for Earth Dwellers is Bleak

Choice Between Murder and Suicide

Gasp! Bernie the Socialist

How blind the American people are. Most of those who would oppose, or think they might oppose, a “socialist” like Bernie Sanders for president, are so blinded they cannot and will not see that they are already living in a socialist/fascist/communist country. Ignorance allows for the perpetration of the act. People are so caught up […]

Using Capitalism to Promote Socialism/Communism – Make Sense?

The Real Meaning of Pie in the Sky

You Dirty Rats: Cheese is Never Free