March 29, 2017

Biggest Coyote/Deer Study Ongoing

*Editor’s Note* – In the teaser I placed just below, the author of the article about the relationship between coyotes in the East and deer, says, “Shooting the occasional coyote really makes no difference in what happens to the deer herd.” In the context of the article the “occasional” coyote is described as a “transient” coyote, […]

Life, Liberty and Happiness is Holding Hands with an Animal

It has always amazed me the amount of, not only ignorance (a case of failure to learn), but stupidity (it just cannot be corrected) that exists in the world today. One of the most revealing events in the revelation of ignorance and stupidity, all too often comes to us in the form of blind hypocrisy. […]

Cash for Coyotes?

Well, almost. In South Carolina, 16 coyotes have been specifically tagged to identify them as part of a lottery hunt. Successful hunters can win prizes, including a lifetime hunting license. <<<More Information Here>>>

S.C. House approves $1,000 reward for killing coyotes

The S.C. House approved Wednesday a coyote-bounty program as part of the state budget. The bounty program would make hunters eligible for at least a $1,000-reward if they killed a tagged coyote. Source: S.C. House approves $1,000 reward for killing coyotes | The State

The Path Toward Civil War II

I am going to present historic accounts for readers. Please bear in mind, and try to lose your biased notions about who, what, when, where and how the Civil War began, was fought and was ended. I am presenting a historic document, that at the time, is what the State Government of South Carolina perceived […]

Wily coyote to force deer hunting limits?

Then the coyote arrived and, oddly enough, became the state’s de facto deer manager — killing fawns at a rate of more than 50 percent in some places. Since the coyote started to prey, the number of deer statewide has fallen about 30 percent, biologists and hunters say. Source: Wily coyote to force deer hunting […]

Once Too Many Deer Has Become Too Few and More Coyotes

I am still reminded of Dr. Valerius Geist’s comments he made 21-years ago, in 1994, while attending the annual Southeast Deer Study Group meeting in Charlottesville, Virginia. They told him their problem was, “…dealing with too large populations of whitetail deer.” Geist responded to them by saying, “Enjoy your problem while it lasts, because the […]

Fawn Killing Wolf/Coyote Hybrid Found in South Carolina

“The coyote/wolf hybrid that scares deer hunters throughout South Carolina has been found at the Savannah River Site by U.S. Forestry Service personnel doing a fawn mortality rate study, officials said last week. According to Charles Ruth, with the state Department of Natural Resources, fawn mortality at the SRS was found to be 70 percent, […]

Welcome the Undocumented

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