September 23, 2023

Mad cow disease leads to hyper-aggressive wolves terrorising Spanish farmers

*Editor’s Note* – It appears from reading this article, that ALL remedies suggested for a problem on how to stop wolves from killing livestock, involve most anything except getting rid of wolves. Why is that?

Wolves have become far more aggressive because of measures instituted to prevent mad cow disease, researchers have said.

Iberian wolves in north-west Spain used to live off the abandoned bodies of dead animals. But 15 years ago, a rule was introduced to ban farmers from leaving the carcasses to rot on their land — and so wolves had to hunt for their food elsewhere.

Since then, they have been aggressively hunting deer, boar and wild ponies — and attacking cattle.

Source: Mad cow disease leads to hyper-aggressive wolves terrorising Spanish farmers | Science | News | The Independent


Quack Up: Animal rights activist beaten with duck

An animal rights activist was beaten with a duck by a Spanish woman defending one of the country’s most bizarre and controversial festival traditions. The man was whacked with the bird while he filmed the annual “duck chase” in the Catalonian seaside town of Roses, where every August ducks are thrown into the Mediterranean and then caught and brought back to the shore by swimmers. As the attack goes on, animal rights activists gathered on the shore can be heard chanting, “You would not do that to your dog,” before they were removed by police.

Source: Animal rights activist beaten with duck in Spain – Yahoo News


Woman fined for Facebook pic of police car in disabled spot


In Spain, however, a new gagging law has been enacted. It’s titled the Citizens Security Law.

When laws are named this way, you get the feeling that citizens’ security might not be their primary aim.

This law limits what people can post on social networks about, for example protests. It also prevents “the unauthorized use of images of police officers that might jeopardize their or their family’s safety or that of protected facilities or police operations.”

Oddly, this law has just been used to fine a woman who took a photograph of a police car. This particular car was parked (illegally) in a disabled spot.

Source: Woman fined for Facebook pic of police car in disabled spot


In Spain, Hunters Can Kill Wolves While Hunting Other Game

Hunters can kill wolves in Asturias as action hunting other species. It is the novelty of the new management plan of the Government of the Principality, that ecologists describe as “grotesque that hunters can shoot a non-game species. You can have many serious legal consequences, “they say in a statement.

The Minister of Livestock Farming and Natural Resources of the Principality, María Jesús Álvarez, defends this measure especially in those areas where no management on the species, such as the Park of the Picos de Europa, “to make them look not punished for attacks and prevent excessive growth of the population. ” Moreover, the disclaimer Facilities, so far the only accommodate abate wolves. With the new plan, go to boar hunters, if they encounter a wolf can shoot.<<<Read More>>> (Google Translate)


Wolves Continue Attacks in Spain

Wolves kill again in the town of Riofrio

The livestock of the affected farm found the body of a calf on Tuesday morning, in the area known as Cuartel de Santa Maria, near the road from Avila to Navalmoral de la Sierra.<<<More Google Translated>>>

“Havoc” in Santa Cruz de Pinares

The incident occurred on Sunday, two days after a farmer of the same township alzase voice for having suffered three attacks on their sheep in a week.<<<More Google Translated>>>


Spain Dealing With Attacking Wolves, Threat Exists for Disease

What may not be getting to these people is the information and education of the great risk they may have from diseases spread readily by wild canines. With so many accounts of so many wolves near people’s homes and along the highway, diseases such as Echinococcus granulosus threaten the health of all people. Wolves infected with the tapeworm, will leave dangerous spores in their feces. People in the outdoors and in particular domestic dogs and other animals can easily get these eggs on their fur and transport them into the homes where children and adults can easily ingest them.

Wolves attacking livestock, human beings and destroying wild animals and game, is a completely different subject than dealing with the disease aspect of wolves.

Wolves in Avila, Spain attack calf in broad daylight beside the highway.

Original Spanish edition:

“Just listen to the roars of the animal, the two men ran across the road. But despite arriving in a few minutes, allowing them to see in person the wolf, and could do nothing to save the calf, which had been attacked by the hindquarters.”

English Translation edition:

Sheep attack and kill 11 sheep in Las Navas del Marqués, in the place El Saltillo, Spain. This is the 15th attack in 3 months.

Original Spanish edition:

“The Young Farmers Agricultural Association (Asaja) Avila has denounced a new wolf attack in the town of Las Navas del Marqués, in the place El Saltillo, which caused early Thursday in the deaths of eleven sheep and caused numerous abortions in the flock.”

English Translation edition:


Italy and Spain Dealing With Wolves

In Spain:


Avila UCCL wolf denounces the attack which took place last Tuesday in a farm located in the place “Riomonte”, located between the industrial area and the city Vicolozano Bernuy Salinero, in the town of Avila, who had the resulted in the death of a calf 20 days of life, and Charolais cross Avileño, with a market value of about 500 euros.

This, according to the complaint Agricultural Organization, is the second attack took place near the town of Bernuy, and the second in just a week, to the farm.<<<Read More>>>

In Italy:


Billboard reads:

“Maremma, land of tradition. We defend our breeders. We defend our origins.”
“A campaign to support the fight against predators.”<<<