June 19, 2018

More Than a Million “Coywolves” in the Northeast?

Perhaps that claim is nonsense. Perhaps it’s not. What is nonsense is much of the discussions taking place about this seemingly newly discovered ad mixture of coyote, domestic dog and wolf.

The truth is nobody knows how long this crossbreeding has been going on. Much of its existence is based on romantic speculation and inaccurate evolutionary claims, of which most are also based on Romance Biology, Scientism and Ideology driven within a Post-Fact society of fantasy and whim.

I even read recently from one group of perverts demanding that this “coywolf” become a listed and federally protected species claiming that this new species of wild canine is the result of “natural” events.

Odd isn’t it, that it makes perfect science sense that it is more likely that intermixing of different breeds of wild dogs is more often occurring due to increased populations forced into limited space. However, the environmentalists choose to believe the complete opposite, partly because doing so blames the existence of man for the cause of crossbreeding. These clowns state that because man destroys their habitat and kills off numbers of animals, it forces the males to wander great distances in search of any creature that will have sex with them. (If this were true it destroys any thoughts that this hybrid mixture should be considered as a viable species….but we can’t go there in this post-fact era.)

The puzzling hypocrisy exists when the environmentalists, who hate man’s existence, blames man for causing wild breeds of dogs to intermix and yet claim that the crossbreeding is a “natural” thing and thus needs protecting. I think this is a classic example of demanding it both ways.

It is likely that hours upon hours could be spent discussing the ins and outs of crossbreeding and how it should be considered, if at all, as a legitimate “new” species. However, if the presented information is true that in just the Northeast section of the country there are “more than a million” mixed breed wild dogs roaming our countryside, who in their right mind would, with a straight face, consider seeking protection of the species?


Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) Variation of Wolves ( Canis lupus ) in Southeast Alaska and Comparison with Wolves, Dogs, and Coyotes in North America


There is considerable interest in the genetics of wolves (Canis lupus) because of their close relationship to domestic dogs(C. familiaris) and the need for informed conservation and management. This includes wolf populations in Southeast Alaska for which we determined genotypes of 305 wolves at 173 662 single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) loci. After removal of invariant and linked SNP, 123 801 SNP were used to quantify genetic differentiation of wolves in Southeast Alaska and wolves, coyotes (C. latrans), and dogs from other areas in North America. There is differentiation of SNP allele frequencies between the species (wolves, coyotes, and dogs), although differentiation is relatively low between some wolf and coyote populations. There are varying levels of differentiation among populations of wolves, including low differentiation of wolves in interior Alaska, British Columbia, and the northern US Rocky Mountains. There is considerable differentiation of SNP allele frequencies of wolves in Southeast Alaska from wolves in other areas. However, wolves in Southeast Alaska are not a genetically homogeneous group and there are comparable levels of genetic differentiation among areas within Southeast Alaska and between Southeast Alaska and other geographic areas. SNP variation and other genetic data are discussed regarding taxonomy and management.

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A Dog is a Dog, is a Dog Unless It’s an Agenda

*Editor’s Notes* On or about the 17th of March, 2012 an article appeared in The Oregonian (I found a copy here.). The article was in reference to a dead dog found in northeast Oregon, weighing 97 pounds. Officials found the need to necropsy the beast and send for DNA testing to determine what kind of a dog it was. For those who are already lost in this conversation, they wanted to determine if it was a preciously, federally protected wolf, while at the same time attempt to determine if it was murdered by a human(s).

Approximately three days later, Jim Beers, retired U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologist, responded to that article with a letter of his own. That letter is published below.

Beers writes: “Wolf “biologists”, government bureaucrats, University professors (bought and paid for by government grants), and the “DNA Analysts” can set those chromosome definitions and limits ANYWHERE convenient. Want 5 “species”? No problem. Want 50 “species”? Just a minute, we can do that. It is “science” truly worthy of the “noble animal” tripe and hidden agendas of the entire wolf debacle.”

As has become the practice, the wolf, which is nothing more than just another dog, has been exalted to a level of nothing less than a Greek god or goddess. The same can also be said of the common coyote, again nothing more than a dog. All family pets are placed in a category all unto themselves, at times receiving better care than thousands of human Americans.

Much of the tragedy in all of this comes from the government-authorized setting of “chromosome definitions and limits” in order to fulfill political agendas.

While reading Mr. Beer’s piece, bear in mind how what he says has implications in where you live. Are there those suggesting and proposing the existence of yet another “species” of wolf, i.e. dog? Is your state protecting wild canines as though they were some “sacred” animal and yet the only way to tell the difference between all of these dogs is via DNA tests?

Consider the inanity of it all.

Here is Jim Beer’s letter:

It was with wry amusement that I (a retired federal wildlife biologist living in Minnesota) read in your paper about that 97 lb. “animal” found dead in the Grande Ronde Valley. To think that after decades of hoopla about how “important” wolves are; this “animal” in the custody of the august “professionals” of both the Oregon State Police and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife must be examined for DNA “analysis” (questionable at best) to determine if it is A. a dog, or B. a coyote, or C. a wolf, or D. a dog/coyote cross, or E. a dog/wolf cross, or F. a wolf/coyote cross, or G. a (this gets too confusing).

But wait, if all those Eastern and Midwestern cougar sightings of the past 30 years are any indication perhaps the “experts” in government will explain that dingoes or jackals (each of which enjoy “fertile unions” with dogs, coyotes, wolves and any of the infinite crosses therefrom) either A. escaped from a zoo, or B. were “pets” released by un-(federally)regulated pet owners to consummate an affair with some poor “Native” wolf or coyote or even some unsuspecting “Invasive” dog one evening. I wait with baited breath for their “findings”!

Truth be known, the classic understanding of animal “Species” is a group of animals that successfully interbreed and produce fertile offspring with characteristics of each parent. The difference between wolves, coyotes, jackals, dingoes, and (all) dogs is therefore the same as the difference between Chows, Chihuahuas, Dobermans, and Wolfhounds. That one (the wolf) is so “important” that killing one carries government sanction and that its destruction (humans, cattle, dogs, big game, etc.) must be endured by powerless rural folk is bad enough (actually monumentally bad): that this sacred wild and destructive animal can “only” be identified by “DNA analysis” completes the fairy-tale nature of the entire wolf “science” treated like some “Law of Physics”.

Wolf “biologists”, government bureaucrats, University professors (bought and paid for by government grants), and the “DNA Analysts” can set those chromosome definitions and limits ANYWHERE convenient. Want 5 “species”? No problem. Want 50 “species”? Just a minute, we can do that. It is “science” truly worthy of the “noble animal” tripe and hidden agendas of the entire wolf debacle.

I am reminded of the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland. If the “experts” find that some poor bumpkin is responsible for the demise of the “97 lb. animal” that only some secret laboratory can declare what it is; he will wind up like Alice in “Wonderland”. When the Queen cries “off with her head” and poor Alice mentions that she hasn’t been found guilty, the Queen (i.e. government) simply says, “first the sentence and then the verdict.”

Did Lewis Carroll write The Endangered Species Act?

Jim Beers