March 29, 2017

Keeping History Alive

SAM Celebrates Question 3 Victory With Party

Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine Pushing Three Bills This Session

I have heard that the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine (SAM) is pushing for support of three bills being presented before the Maine Legislature, that are described as in support and protection of hunting, fishing and trapping, changing the way signatures are gathered for public referendum items, and banning public referendum on wildlife issues. Let me […]

Question 3 Proponent’s Lies Revealed During Debate

Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine To those that will be listening to the rebroadcast of the MPBN debate on Question 3 between David Trahan and Bobby Reynolds tonight at 8pm, there was a blatantly incorrect statement by Bobby Reynolds that needs correction. Link to MPBN to listen to rebroadcast:… Bobby Reynolds claimed that Kittery Trading Post […]

It’s a Shame Really

I think that it is a shame that an organization like the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine (SAM) is left with no money/resources to do the things a sportsman’s group should do. SAM was much bigger and better than fighting against animal rights and environmental groups, along with fascists like Michael Bloomberg. SAM used to have time […]

SAM’s Executive Director Testifies Before House Subcommittee on Quimby National Monument

Condensed SAM Testimony Delivered by David Trahan, June 1, 2016 It is SAM’s mission to defend the rights of sportsmen and firearm owners. In addition, we promote the responsible conservation of our natural resources. On several occasions, including last year, we polled our members on whether they supported the creation of a National Park for […]

MDIFW Commissioner Opposes SAM Bill LD 1593

Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife commissioner, Chandler Woodcock, submitted testimony in opposition to a Sportsman’s Alliance Bill proposed bill, LD 1593. His opposition appears based on restrictions he believes the bill will place on the Department under certain conditions that would be forced upon the MDIFW, when certain conditions exist. While the intent […]

SAM Sets Record Straight

*Editor’s Note* – Below I have posted an article found on the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine’s (SAM) Facebook page. SAM’s director, David Trahan, expresses his concern for the need to clarify certain statements made by former SAM director George Smith, in his article in the Bangor Daily News, i.e. Anti-Bear Hunters’ Lawsuit Fizzles at the […]

Maine: An Act to Establish a Contingency Wildlife Management Plan

When I first heard about this proposal from the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine, I read about it at George Smith’s blog at the Bangor Daily News. After reading his article and his words about the proposal, I began crafting a response. Then I realized much of what was written in the Bangor Daily News, didn’t […]

SAM Cuts Name Association With Maine Wildlife Conservation Council

SAM Statement: Confusion related to the Maine Wildlife Conservation Council, (MWCC) and the United States Sportsmen’s Alliance, (USSA). Dear SAM members and other interested parties: Last year we won a major victory when we defeated the bear referendum. In response to the grave threat from the Humane Society of the United States, SAM worked with […]