September 27, 2023

Evidently FBI Botched the Staged Finicum Murder


State police suspend investigation into ‘suspicious’ Wallowa County deaths of 2 wolves

*Editor’s Note* – This modus operendi closely resembles what I have seen in North Carolina with red wolves. When evidence doesn’t fit the crime sought after, strange things happen. Perhaps we can get a sense of something not quite being right when we take a look at what appears in the linked-to article below.

Readers are first told that,”because of the advanced decay of the animals’ remains” officials were unable to determine what killed the wolves. And yet, the state police says that, “likely there were witnesses to the CRIME.” What’s the crime? Couldn’t the police have more accurately said that likely there may have been people in the area who could give us some better information as to what they might have seen regarding the two dead wolves? These are dead, wild animals – an event that is common in the wild.

The report says “evidence points toward humans being in the area” when the wolves died. So! This was public land. Are humans not permitted in the area?

If an illegal killing of wolves by humans took place, then gather the evidence and make the charge against them. But crap like this only serves to make people suspicious of the actions of government officials eager to create the evidence to wrongly accuse someone who was in the area at the time.

And they wonder why people are distrustful of government.

A veterinarian who conducted necropsies on the carcasses of two wolves found dead in late August in Wallowa County was unable to determine how they died, state police officials said Wednesday.

Lt. Bill Fugate, a state police spokesman, said the carcasses were found on public land north of Enterprise. It’s likely there were witnesses to the crime, he said. (emboldening added)

Source: State police suspend investigation into ‘suspicious’ Wallowa County deaths of 2 wolves |


Connecticut Police State: Act of Aggression, Inciting Violence



34 Wardens and State Police PLUS Local Law Enforcement Investigate Shooting

I hope there is a good explanation available as to why it takes 24 Maine Game Wardens and 10 State Police to investigate a “hunting-related” shooting in Wales involving two men. According to the Sun Journal:

The investigation revealed a 41 year-old man fatally shot a 49 year-old man, both from Wales. Nearly two dozen game wardens and approximately 10 state troopers responded to the incident. Resources included warden service canines, Forensic Mappers, aircraft, and the Evidence Response Teams from both the Warden Service and State Police.

The investigation continued throughout Tuesday night and will resume Wednesday morning. Investigation efforts were supported by both Monmouth and Wales Fire and Rescue departments.

Is there just nothing else to do? We are in the peak period of deer hunting season and two dozen wardens can be spared for this shooting? As was pointed out by one reader, the number of law enforcement, rescue and local police outnumbered the deer in the area 8 to 1.

Perhaps the shooting victim was a U.S. ambassador who called in for emergency backup just before being killed.

The real downside to all of this is that a human being died and that is sad. I pray for the families and everyone involved.