March 23, 2017

Spring Bites

By Eleazer Peabody It is mid May and the warm days have softened our cool souls from this past winter freeze. Not much rain yet, but the alder leaves are the size of a mouse’s ear and the black flies are venturing forth ready for a blood meal—Fishing Season Is On!!!! Friday, last, I was […]

Up To My Chin

Journal—March 9–Thursday The last couple of days have been really nice, with temperatures up to the low thirties and sunshine—how about that for a change. There has been three feet of snow this last week, and homes, outbuildings, and camps have overburdened roofs. Two hardy souls left the warm, comfort of their homes, “Proc” and […]

Talk of the Town

Journal—February 12—Sunday Abe Lincoln’s Birthday It is snowing lightly now. The snow flakes are like little glittering crystals of glass, fluttering down quietly as they pass through the light from the kitchen window. I need to put down here the events of last night; as only you, dear journal, will know all the facts. And […]

Sweet Success

Journal—March 21–Tuesday The days are getting longer, and the sounds of birds returning from their southern haunts certainly brighten each day. The cool nights and sunny days bring the maple sap to peak flow. This season Margie and I bottled up just over eight gallons of the liquid gold… I will relate to you dear […]

Just Smeltin’ Away

Journal—March 21–Tuesday The days are quite nice with just a little chill at night. The lakes down country are opening up, and the brooks are roaring with snow melt. Fishing seasons is just around the corner. Smelt runs will be beginning here very soon! Oh, what a night last night. I spent the late, late […]

Flying Ghosts

Journal—February 25–Saturday Today was fair and mild, and quite dark this evening due to the late phase of the moon. It’s late tonight for me to be writing in my journal, but I wanted to get this information down while it was still fresh in my mind. I drove to West Paris to Grange for […]

Damn Near to Death

Journal—January 15–Sunday It is another cold January night and the stars are as bright as I have ever seen them–just like on Friday. This is my first entry since it happened, and I’ll try to recall the experience as best as I can… Margie, my dear wife, asked me to take Brinker, a very muscular […]

A Hissin’ Fit

Journal—January 30–Monday Margie and I had a busy weekend, and I haven’t had the chance to make an entry since Friday. Today the weather has moderated, and is cloudy with the temperature in the low 20’s. I haven’t ventured out yet this morning, but I expect Brinker will want a walk soon. I have to […]

Wolves in Maine in the 1600s – Part II

Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI As I wend my way through the book, Early Maine Wildlife – Historical Accounts of Canada lynx, Moose, Mountain Lion, White-Tailed Deer, Wolverine, Wolves, and Woodland Caribou, 1603 – 1930 – by William B. Krohn and Christopher L. Hoving, I found some rather […]