January 30, 2023

Drones Increase Heart Rates Of Wild Bears. Too Much Stress?

*Editor’s Note* – This is typical garbage reporting and plays into the Left’s continuing control over media and the perceptions they wish readers to take away. The real question here is whether managing and monitoring bears by human encounters is more or less “stressful” on the bears than a couple of harassing drones? Another question unanswered and probably never asked; is an increased heart rate of a bear a clear indication of stress?

It doesn’t really matter here does it. What matters to the reporters is that man is causing “stress” on bears. Does that entitle them to free health care? Seems that way to me.

They managed to conduct 18 flights over four bears. And what they found is that a visit from a drone made a bear’s heart beat faster.

“One of them was a 400 percent increase from about 41 beats per minute to over 160 beats per minute,” Ditmer says.

This happened even though video taken by the drones showed the bears acting blase.

Source: Drones Increase Heart Rates Of Wild Bears. Too Much Stress? | Maine Public Broadcasting


U.S. Insanity On the Front Burner – Ships Turtles to Florida for Warmth

This kind of crap is simply unbelievable.

More than two dozen sea turtles described by the Associated Press as “stressed” by cold ocean waters have been airlifted from New England to balmy Florida.

The Coast Guard flew the turtles to Orlando on Friday, but the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (the federal agency that apparently oversees sea-turtle protection) reportedly arranged the flight. The Daytona Beach News Journal reports that 20 turtles were taken to SeaWorld Orlando, five loggerhead turtles were taken to the Volusia County Marine Science Center, and three other facilities in Florida also took in the displaced creatures. …

[S]ome are being treated at a separate $4.5 million “state of the art” facility.

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