December 9, 2022

The Communist Country We Live In

Coming on the heels of the completely communist-based education plan called “Common Core,” President Obama signed another executive order in which college educated students will not be as responsible for paying off their debt incurred as the result of obtaining a college education.

Communism, throughout history, has never worked to the benefit of the people. When all decisions are made within a central agency, like Executive Orders coming from any president, you have the makings of a communist dictatorship. Common Core is nothing more than a furthering, and perhaps completion, of the communist take over of the United States Department of Education.

And now, President Obama has signed an executive order that will take the responsibility and obligation to repay student loan debt and shift it to others. Last night, I was watching the PBS Newshour. There was a segment there with discussion about whether or not this executive order was a good thing or a bad thing.

Deanne Loonin, National Consumer Law Center, essentially said that even though a student willingly negotiates loans for their own investment into education, the responsibility of repaying that load should fall back onto the colleges, lending institutions and taxpayers and away from the student who took the loan. Loonin also said that private contractors loaning money should not be able to profit from it.