October 17, 2021

DAM! What’s Going On?

Yesterday, I gave readers information, including a link to a Working Paper, the result of lawsuits and the compiling of information that appears as a possible threat to Americans when the U.S. Congress granted control of the Kerr Dam to the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes (CSKT) of the Flathead Indian Reservation located in northwestern, Montana. According to information provided by Lawrence A. Kogan and Anita Bradley, there are Turkish connections to the CSKT and involvement with the dam. These connections gave rise to concerns to many.

As part of this “concern,” the below information and links followed emails about the Working Paper, that included updated information. Before reading the below, I suggest you might want to first read the Working Paper. I’ve followed all the links provided and thoroughly read the media accounts. The media accounts provide what most people would call items of a legitimate concern – mostly because nobody has provided explanations of these events.

I will, however, remind readers of my comments yesterday when I stated that all media reports are, “lies and full of distractions.” That, of course, doesn’t mean a total disregard for what is written. On the same token it is irresponsible to blindly accept everything written as truth. That is up to the reader to determine.

I will point out one obvious example of how the media and those who provide information to the media screw things up and send mixed messages – either deliberately or ignorantly. In one of the news outlets, that media quotes a person of supposed authority as saying that over 50 stolen propane tanks could not be the work of terrorists because stealing the tanks would draw the attention of law enforcement. This is followed by another news report of “tens of thousands” of blank passports “possibly” stolen by ISIS or other terror/criminal groups. In that report, the concern was about the possibility that ISIS or other terror groups stole the passports. Why then, is stealing of propane tanks, that would draw the attention of law enforcement, not be terrorist activity and stealing passports would?

Regardless, it seems that there have been recent events following the supposed terror act in San Bernadino, that should be of concern. In addition, with relatively recent information that the U.S. Government is covering up possible terror events, including Iranian hacking into control systems of dams, I would think there should be legitimate concern about the Kerr Dam with the residents of Montana and the whole of the U.S.

Then again, all of this could be just distractions. Remember though, distractions are for a reason. Trust no one! Do your own work…if you care.

Here is the email addendum to the Working Paper:

Readers throughout the United States should be concerned about the connections the Kogan-Bradley report <http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2704179> makes between otherwise separate policy areas, especially in light of the following recent media reports identifying troublesome but seemingly unconnected incidents-of-concern.  These include: 1) the FBI’s investigation of Middle Eastern men expressing interest in touring Bagnell Dam/Reservoir on Lake Ozark < https://www.ijreview.com/2015/12/495768-fbi-missouri-dam/ >; 2) the FBI’s investigation of 5 total confirmed incidents of bulk (60-100 unit) cell phone purchases at various Walmart locations in south and central Missouri < http://www.abc17news.com/news/fbi-investigating-suspicious-purchase-at-columbia-walmart/36877514>; 3) the administration’s cover-up of an FBI investigation of Iranian computer hackers securing access to the control system of a small dam outside of New York City two years ago < http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2015/12/21/iranian-hackers-gained-access-to-suburban-nyc-dam-in-2013-report-says.html >; 4)  the FBI’s investigation of the stealing of dozens of propane tanks at Kansas City, Missouri-based CVS stores and a BP gas station < http://fox2now.com/2015/12/11/dozens-of-propane-tanks-stolen-from-three-different-missouri-locations/ >; 5) Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan’s meeting with Khaled Meshaal, leader of Palestinian militant group Hamas <http://news.yahoo.com/turkeys-erdogan-meets-hamas-leader-meshaal-istanbul-sources-190315386.html >; 6) Islamic State’s stealing of “tens of thousands” of blank passports that it could use to smuggle its fighters into Europe, and potentially, the U.S., as refugees < http://news.yahoo.com/jihadists-stole-tens-thousands-blank-passports-report-154955786.html;_ylt=AwrXgiO003ZWWEsA_z_QtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTByMjR0MTVzBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwM3BHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg– >; and 7) the administration’s cover-up of U.S. troops with prior Middle East combat experience <http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/06/21/AR2010062104103.html> and current Syrian refugees being stricken with a lethal skin-eating disease capable of surviving for up to one year within the host’s body in tropical and sub-tropical climates and being transported to the United States <http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/syria-epidemic-leishmaniasis_5671e7d7e4b0dfd4bcc07c8e >.


Highly Questionable Turkey, Open Border & Greater Tribal Sovereignty Policies Together Undermine U.S. National Security

*Editor’s Comment* – The linked-to “Working Paper” is an interesting read and one that should challenge readers to get to work to discover the real Truth in what is being discussed. As always, to me it is interesting when someone, innocent or otherwise, begins to discover things that raise eyebrows, the result being a compilation of interesting information presented as “facts” and “public information.” The difficulty with this, and I certainly am not questioning the author’s work, is that for Truth Seekers, we know that much of the “facts” and “public information” are lies and full of distractions. It becomes necessary to sort over what tidbits are the truth and which parts are lies intended to distract. For this reason readers need to get to work to discover what is truth based on real events and not based on media presentations, or even what the Government tells us.

I have not taken the time to research this entire paper, and I’m not sure I will, at least not immediately, as my time is usually focused on other matters, albeit matters that ultimately link to a common source. Which brings me to my only comment about the Working Paper that I will offer readers who are truly interested.

In part of the information, the authors mention that ISIS gets most of their funding from the “illegal” sale of crude oil – the sale of which is mostly handled by Turkey and then re-marketed to other clients. This has been offered many times and treated as common knowledge in the Press and elsewhere, even though it shouldn’t be. If nothing else and before anyone can begin to comprehend the depth of power and complexity of this, of which the Working Paper, in my opinion, has only scratched the surface, you have to understand that the ONLY way that ISIS could be selling oil to Turkey and then getting resold on the open market to fund ISIS, is because it is ALLOWED to do so.

Keep that in mind when reading this Paper and any subsequent research you might intend to do. If you also are one that chooses to trust the United States Government and their partners, unwilling to think otherwise, my recommendation for you is to not read the rest of this page or the working paper.


On September 4, and 9, 2015, the Associated Press released an article that dismissed and effectively ridiculed national security allegations contained in the previous lawsuit my co-counsel and I had filed on September 2, 2015, on behalf of two Montana State Senators and a Montana-based recreational enterprise. The AP article authored by journalist Matthew Volz was distributed over domestic and international newswires and appeared in web media as far away as Europe, the Middle East and Singapore. Mr. Volz and the AP were ostensibly offended that our lawsuit challenged the U.S. government’s approval of the virtually condition-free transfer of a “black start,” “category 3 hazard” hydroelectric powered dam (the Kerr Dam) to a “federally recognized” Native American tribe – the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes (CSKT) of the Flathead Indian Reservation located in northwestern, Montana.

As the direct result of this reporting, we counsels and our clients had been castigated by the U.S. State Department and by the local liberal press as racially biased and conspiracy minded. This eventually caused our clients to seek voluntary withdrawal of this action. However, as subsequent publicly available facts have come to light, it has become more apparent that our lawsuit had actually struck a sensitive chord within the Obama administration by publicly exposing highly questionable policies that officials preferred remained covered up.

This Working Paper endeavors to relate the national security-oriented facts and allegations contained in our prior lawsuit to subsequently discovered publicly available information concerning the administration’s Turkey, open borders, and greater tribal sovereignty policies and initiatives. It then cross-analyzes these otherwise distinct and separate policy areas to show how their implementation together serves to undermine U.S. national security and the security of Montanans.

Given Turkey nuclear ambitions and Obama administration support therefor, Erdogan and Obama administration support of the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS, Obama administration open border policies benefiting Middle Eastern refugees, Mexican drug cartels and Latin American migrants, and Obama administration federal Indian policies promoting expansive tribal sovereignty at the expense of U.S. constitutional protections and federal and state laws, reasonable persons can conclude that our prior lawsuit’s allegations against Turkey were rather prescient, and that, consequently, U.S. national security and the security of Montanans are being greatly undermined. Moreover, reasonable persons can conclude that failure to act to protect Montanans’ rights may imply for those who we oppose, that we are complicit in their objectives. For this reason, we are currently drafting a new lawsuit that seeks redress for the harms our new clients continue to suffer as the result of these and other questionable administration policies.<<<To the Working Paper>>>



A Sandwich Shy of a Full Picnic



Excuses Are Like………

This reminds me of the old story (I’ve used it countless times) of the guy who goes to his neighbor and asks to borrow his ax. The man says, “No, it’s Tuesday.”

The neighbor asks why Tuesday was important, to which the man replied, “If I don’t want you to borrow my ax, I guess one excuse is as good as another.”

The government wants to ban guns. I guess one excuse is as good as any to do that. This excuse is a bit more relevant when you consider that perhaps in their creation of fake “terror” attacks on the U.S., not only will they continue to instill fear in the populace but they can double-down on that fear and use it as an excuse to ban guns. Might I remind you why the government wants you to NOT have guns? It’s a threat to their tyrannical rule.



Hackers trace ISIS Twitter accounts back to internet addresses linked to Department of Work and Pensions

*Editor’s Comment* – Seriously! If you don’t think this should have been expected, you need to do some more educating of yourself.

The hacking collective showed Mirror Online details of the IP addresses used by a trio of separate digital jihadis to access Twitter accounts, which were then used to carry out online recruitment and propaganda campaigns.

At first glance, the IP addresses seem to be based in Saudi Arabia, but upon further inspection using specialist tools they appeared to link back to the DWP.

“Don’t you think that’s strange?” one of the hackers asked Mirror Online. “We traced these accounts back to London, the home of the British intelligence services.”

Source: Hackers trace ISIS Twitter accounts back to internet addresses linked to Department of Work and Pensions – Mirror Online


Lieutenant Colonel Calls Obama “A Total Pussy” On Live TV

Retired United States Army lieutenant colonel Ralph Peters called President Obama “a total pussy” during a live television interview regarding the President’s Oval Office address he gave to the American people last night on the topics of terrorism, Syria, and gun control.

Source: Lieutenant Colonel Calls Obama “A Total Pussy” On Live TV


Consequences of a Bull Session


Black Conservatives Call Obama Address “Least Inspiring Presidential Speech Ever”

Say President Failed to Instill Confidence in Already-Suspect Policy

“Passion is No Excuse for a Failure of Leadership”


WASHINGTON, DC – Members of the Project 21 black leadership network are commenting on and available for interviews about President Barack Obama’s address to the nation on terrorism and his agenda for dealing with this threat to American citizens and other western nations.

“President Obama gave what might have been the least inspiring presidential speech ever,” said Project 21’s Council Nedd, an Anglican bishop with strong ties in the Middle East who also an elected Pennsylvania State Constable. “This was Obama’s opportunity to issue a clarion call that would never be forgotten. Instead, it was unremarkable. I waited for him to say something reassuring to restore some confidence in him and in the security of our nation or even announce great change in our policy toward Syria and ISIS. All he seemed to do was reiterate failed policies.”

Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper added: “The President’s attempt at reassuring words did not align with his actions. He boasted about our military’s prowess, saying it ‘will hunt down terrorists in any country where necessary.’ Meanwhile, he’s insisted on an ever-smaller military footprint in regions where it counts most. Passion is no excuse for a failure of leadership.”

The President and his staff have been reluctant to acknowledge the recent attack that left 14 dead in San Bernardino was an act of terrorism. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, however, is reportedly addressing it as terrorism and digital and financial evidence makes a strong case that there were ties between Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfen Malik and international terrorism. In his address, Obama did call the San Bernardino attack terrorism, but still refused to assign blame to organized terrorism – claiming there is “no evidence” of a direct link between the attackers and any terrorist group such as ISIS.

While pledging to continue to work abroad to fight terrorism, Obama’s domestic component to his address was largely a challenge to Congress for increased restrictions on gun sales, a defense of Muslim Americans and a plea to not blame them the attacks of radicals.

“The President claims that the no-fly list is a good proxy for determining who should own a firearm, yet 72 employees of his own Department of Homeland Security are on a terrorist watch list,” noted Cooper, a legal commentator and former constitutional law professor who also served as staff member in the congressional leadership. “At no point did Obama recognize the importance of all Americans working collaboratively to ensure our safety. He apparently prefers to demonize those who say something when they see something.”

Nedd added: “What was also clear to me in his address was that Obama wants the American people virtually defenseless on a personal level, and more dependent on the federal government for their security and sustenance. How he can use a terrorist attack to promote his gun control crusade is beyond me. Can’t he see all these terrorist attacks seems to keep happening where people are the most defenseless?”

Polls have consistently recorded public discontent regarding the Obama Administration handling of national security issues such as the terrorist threat of ISIS, Syria and Iraq.

“Obama’s address offered nothing new,” said Project 21 member Kevin Martin, a Navy veteran who served in the Middle East. “The American people long ago concluded this administration’s tactics against international terrorism aren’t working, and Obama’s address did nothing to reassure them. Obama did nothing but talk in circles and offer a rehash of his failed tactics that have not stopped ISIS despite his past boasts of them being the ‘JV team’ and that they have been contained. Furthermore, the American people aren’t going to buy the notion that expanded background checks on lawful gun purchases would have stopped this terrorist attack in San Bernardino.”

Project 21 members have logged tens of thousands of interview and media citations, including over 2,000 instances in 2014 alone. Media that recently sought out Project 21 insight includes on TVOne, the Philadelphia Inquirer, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, Al Jazeera, the Orlando Sentinel, Westwood One, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, SiriusXM satellite radio and 50,000-watt talk radio stations such as WHO-Des Moines, KOA-Denver, WGN-Chicago, WBZ-Boston and KDKA-Pittsburgh. Topics included civil rights, entitlement programs, the economy, voter ID, race preferences, education, illegal immigration and corporate social responsibility. Project 21 members provided substantial commentary regarding the Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner and Freddie Gray incidents. Project 21 has also defended voter ID laws at the United Nations.

Project 21, a leading voice of black conservatives for over two decades, is sponsored by the National Center for Public Policy Research (http://www.nationalcenter.org). Its volunteer members come from all walks of life and are not salaried political professionals.

Contributions to the National Center are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated.
leading voice of black conservatives for over two decades, Project 21 is sponsored by the National Center for Public Policy Research, a conservative, free-market, non-profit think-tank established in 1982. Contributions to the National Center are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated.


Iraqis think the U.S. is in cahoots with the Islamic State, and it is hurting the war

*Editor’s Note* – BINGO! Odd isn’t it that should any American dare make such a statement, not only would they be laughed at and ridiculed, if they were in any position of power, they would be censored or killed.

There’s one element not mentioned here that is of the utmost importance. Yes, the US created, trained/trains and supports ISIS for the reasons mentioned. In addition, they are setting the stage for World War III.

Ordinary people also have seen the videos, heard the stories and reached the same conclusion — one that might seem absurd to Americans but is widely believed among Iraqis — that the United States is supporting the Islamic State for a variety of pernicious reasons that have to do with asserting U.S. control over Iraq, the wider Middle East and, perhaps, its oil.

Source: Iraqis think the U.S. is in cahoots with the Islamic State, and it is hurting the war – The Washington Post


Obama: Dumbest Most Corrupt EVAH!

*Editor’s Note* – It is beyond me to understand why anyone tolerates this corrupt, stupid idiot. People die from “terror” attacks. Regardless of who creates the so-called terrorists and carries out the killings and orchestrates the fake ones, any president who would now announce that meeting to discuss global warming would teach the terrorists a lesson or two, has to be the biggest fool ever to walk the halls of the White House. If you buy into his ruse, you also are a fool – a Fool’s fool.

President Obama declared Tuesday that next week’s climate change summit in Paris would be a “powerful rebuke” to terrorists, speaking alongside French President François Hollande at a joint news conference.

Next week, I will be joining President Hollande and world leaders in Paris for the global climate conference,” Obama said during his prepared remarks, which focused mostly on the efforts to fight the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

“What a powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will be, when the world stands as one and shows that we will not be deterred from building a better future for our children,” he added.

Source: Obama: Climate summit a ‘powerful rebuke’ to terrorists