February 5, 2023

Soon Human Animal Marriage?

To what degree will this perverse American society continue to denigrate itself? The U.S. Supreme Court ruled it constitutional that two people of the same sex can marry and enjoy all the “benefits” of heterosexual people. Recently, animals were declared to have the same emotional feelings and reasoning as humans, and we know that for some time the United Nations has placed animals on the same plane of rights and respect as humans; or should I say that humans were placed in the same pits of hell as animals.

And now, we see where Texas A&M University is teaming up with the SPCA in order to teach all veterinary students how to recognize animal abuse. What could possibly go wrong?

It is not a stretch to believe that soon it will be declared constitutional, the marriage of a human and an animal. I hope it happens actually. Then those who would prefer that can go live with the animals where they belong. With equal animal rights we know that all jackasses will continue to vote democrat.

It’s not their fault!