February 6, 2023

Climate Change Legislation More Than Likely Will Come from Obama Executive Orders

In history, we learned that after long and difficult days, the Founding Fathers pounded out a constitution that when asked about the effort, Benjamin Franklin said that he and others had crafted a republic and added, “if we can keep it.” Progressivism soon began to morph a constitutional republic into a democracy as people began the mind set of totalitarianism, to a degree, that they didn’t like abiding by the rule of law and thus transitioned into a majority rule, which soon become something more closely resembling mob rule.

Congress has become a part of the elite ruling class, in total disrespect of the Constitution and even the majority of rule of a democracy, taking it upon themselves to make laws regardless of what the people, those supposedly represented, wanted.

And it hasn’t stopped there. Presidents don’t even care any longer about what Congress does, the separation of powers or the rule of law, and simply exercise, what they have come to so much abuse, executive powers. This has resulted in tyrannical rule.

President Obama certainly is not the inventor of executive orders but he has certainly done his share to bypass legislative process. And now we are already hearing that the President, after his Lie of the Union Address, wants to make the totalitarian charade of cap and trade/global warming a priority during his second term.

If we learn anything from history, can it be the metamorphosis from republic to despotic communism of the United States following the same path as all other historic events that ended this way?