December 9, 2022

Growing Wildlife for Roadkill to Collect “Scientific” Data

So, let me get this straight. The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) grows wildlife, such as deer, moose, turkeys, bears, lynx, bobcats, snakes, and frogs in quantities such that people run over and kill them. (The more the merrier?) After the roadkill action, “citizen scientists,” as they are called (do they wear brown shirts?), move in and report the killing to wildlife biologists who collect data from the road-killed animals.


If none of this gives reason to pause, consider this idiotic venture as being “modeled” after KALIFORNIA! What could go wrong?

Evidently it’s impossible to collect data because you can’t drag a computer into the woods with you.





Michigan DNR Asks Public to Help Track Wolves

State officials have announced that they are planning to track the presence of gray wolves in Michigan’s northern Lower Peninsula.

The survey on wolf numbers in the region is scheduled to begin Feb. 16 and run through March 13, according to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

Wolf sightings or tracks believed to be from a wolf can be reported to the DNR online as part of the survey.<<<Read More>>>


When I Hear That Lonesome Whistle……..Damn the Train!

“The GPS collaring project is part of the overall $1 million, five-year Parks Canada-Canadian Pacific Railway joint action plan to try to prevent ongoing deaths of grizzly bears on the train tracks through Banff and Yoho national parks.Trains are the single biggest killer of grizzly bears in Banff National Park. There have been 14 known grizzly bear deaths on the railway in Banff and Yoho since 2000, but that number does not take into account bears that may be struck but never found.”<<<Read More>>>