February 9, 2023

Wolf? Hybrid? Dog? Does Anybody Care?

I was sent a series of 7 photographs under the heading of “Swimming Wolf.” I will not show all 7 pictures. I will show two of the originals – a canine creature swimming a body of water, and the same canine after it got across to the land and was headed in a direction that took it across what appears to be a road.

The last photo was returned to everyone included on the original email list, with graphics showing differences between a wolf track and those of a dog.

If you follow this link to Wolf Education International, you’ll find an article written in both German and English with links to photos and graphics with details about how to determine, from a well-defined track, the differences between the track of a wolf, the track of a hybrid/crossbreed, and the track of a dog.

The real crime here is that we either a clueless as to what kind of animals we are protecting, or those perpetuating this act know exactly what they are doing and are doing it for political or other reasons. Either way, none of it is actually saving or protecting the actual wolf.

It appears most simply want wild dogs and then in their wee bit of a mind they can believe they are one with “wolves.”

Click on photos if you need to enlarge for viewing.


Making Snowmobile Tracks!

Yesterday I posted a picture of a mountain in Alaska where people were hiking to the top and making tracks skiing down. Today, I have a picture of hundreds of snowmobile tracks in Alaska made just after a fresh snowfall.

The author says that if you follow the trees in the foreground all the way to the left, you will be able to spot at least one snow machine. Click on the photo to enlarge the picture. A second click will enlarge it again and perhaps a third for one last magnification.


Photo by Al Remington