February 7, 2023

Wildlife’s Modern Management: Thousands of Trail Cameras

It doesn’t get any poorer than this. Wisconsin has decided, along with NASA (?) to litter the forests and fields with 6,000 trail cameras, make the photos accessible to the WORLD for identification, so that the fish and wildlife department can better manage wildlife.

“Photos will be uploaded to a crowd-sourcing website; viewers will be asked to view them and try to identify the animals in them.”

“…should provide the best idea yet of the size of animal populations and their movements.”

“We’re hoping to provide data to solve some of these (population) controversies.”
“The pictures will be uploaded to the crowd-sourcing Zooniverse website, where people from around the world help researchers with their projects.”

“The site’s visitors can view the photos and identify what they think the animal is with the help of a detailed field guide.”

“The DNR plans to enter the data into models…”
“Wisconsin’s data won’t be perfect since people with no scientific training who may have never been to Wisconsin or the United States will be making species identification.”
This is the New Science Paradigm – changing the way we discuss wildlife management. There is basically zero science involved in any of this. What could possibly go right?

Can Animal Cams Help Stave Off Climate Change?

*Editor’s Note* – What non thinking insanity is rearing its ugly head in this country/world. No thought here is given to anything except the selfish desires of perverted animal lovers, caring only for their own greedy desires, as Techonzombies, to destroy the wild places real wild animals live, and promoting it as saving the planet. Can it get any more stupid?

If one is stupid enough to believe the utter nonsense that man is causing the planet to warm, then consider, if it’s at all possible, what exploiting wild animals with Web cameras is doing to destroy the planet. Do these inconvenient truths not matter to ignorant hypocrites out to satisfy their uncontrollable addictions to technology, believing another fake “scientist” when he/she says all of this will save the planet? It’s akin to Algore flying his private jet around telling you and I we must sacrifice in order that he can keep flying.

The mere promotion of more and bigger and better web/trail cameras demands more natural resources and the process to build them increases their so-called carbon footprint. Then consider disposal of these items once a better camera is made. What effect does that have on the planet?

In addition, because of trail cameras capturing events that cause mentally disordered people to demand something be done, how many hundreds of thousands of dollars and gallons and gallons of fossil fuels were spent to save a bear that had a trap around its neck? Do any of you think with more and more people watching animals that demands for more wasteful spending won’t increase? And with it the carbon footprint. That’s solving global warming?

This article claims that people will no longer need to travel great distances to see animals “in the wild” (Bwahahahahaha) because they can watch them on TV/cellphones/computers/”eye”pads. Is that a proven theory? If so, why not tear down all the sports stadiums in the country. People can sit at home and watch. Close down the national parks and wildlife preserves. Think of the money we can save by just locking the gates and let web cameras provide for entertainment. Close down New York’s Central Park. Just be there “virtually” and display it on the wall of your living room. SAVE THE DAMNED PLANET FOOL!

If you think for a moment people might not stay home, then perhaps you also need to consider that because people so much like what they are seeing on their computers, they just have to drive, fly, take a boat, whatever, and go see it in person. I contend intrusions into places people probably shouldn’t be, will increase. They sure don’t understand human nature…nor do they give three rat’s behinds about respecting nature.

It appears to me as a way to exploit wild animals for profit. If these con artists can propagandize enough stupid people, consider how much money stands to be made. TECHNOZOMBIES! Present on their electronic devices and they will do anything.

Oh, my! We ARE hopeless!

“It’s going to be much more what did the elephant see as it was walking through Nepal? What’s a black-and-white colobus seeing as it spends its day?” says Wilkie. “Cameras are going to get small enough and with mesh networks,” in which multiple computer users are wirelessly connected and share information, “even the forests could be connected. Rather than a gigantic transmitter, you’d have a tiny transmitter that just needs to talk to the nearest way station.”

Like many conservationists, Wilkie believes that developing new technology like this is critical to engaging the next generation of screen-savvy digital natives, even if it means they catch glimpses of nature’s bloodier side.“

Just caring about one individual is not going to solve our ecosystem-wide problems or may be somewhat of a distraction, but I would also argue that that passion can drive an entire societal ethic,” says Joel Dunn of Chesapeake Conservancy. “And that ethic leads to people that vote for politicians that will prioritize the environment, it helps them donate to groups like ours that try to protect these places and species, and it breeds the next generation of conservation leader.”

Source: Can Animal Cams Help Stave Off Climate Change? | Outside Online


Maine: Permission From Landowner Required to Place Trail Cameras

When Governor Paul LePage failed to sign LD 1040, An Act to Prohibit the Placement of Cameras and Electronic Surveillance Equipment on Private Property without the Written Permission of the Landowner, by default it became law. The new law requires that no person can place any kind of surveillance and/or recording device, unattended, on private land without written permission from the land owner. While the bill may be geared toward curbing illegal “spying”, such a bill affects the use of trail cameras; a popular undertaking by thousands of interested outdoor-minded people.

And as one who has no trust in government, also understand that an amendment was added to this law that allows government to use surveillance equipment and spy on people. Once again laws are for the peons with exception to governments. Why do we continue down this same ridiculous path?

This law is not unique to Maine. A quick search Online and I quickly discovered that at least Wisconsin has a similar law.

When one considers the need for such a law, we see that it comes, not out of the desires of the people to make life better but as a necessity to ward off tyrannical government spying. Government spying is all the talk these days, as if this is a new phenomenon that our government disregards the laws they make and does just as it pleases.

The Maine Civil Liberties Union has worked to implement this law, which will help to protect the privacy of landowners, while at the same time inconveniencing them to sign a written statement granting permission to a sportsman or camera buff, and yet doing nothing to stop the very thieves and crooks who are doing the spying. This is typical government overreach and abuse of power and yet those in power are allowed to exempt themselves from the laws foisted on the People.

LD 1040 states that a warrant is required for officials to place surveillance equipment on private land and any rational thinking person knows how easy it is for crooked governments to come up with a warrant.

So, now Maine must add another totalitarian law to their books. I’m all for protecting privacy and the rights of landowners, but this law does nothing in that regard. It only restricts freedom and access to both user and landowner, while still providing easy access for government spying.

The brainwashed masses have done it again.


Drumming Patridge (Grouse)

This video, captured with a game video camera, was sent to me by a reader from Maine. He reports that this guy sat on this maple log behind his house for just over 3 hours flapping his wings. I sure hope he found what he was looking for.


Too Many Maine Coyotes!

This photo was sent to me by a reader of this blog. It was taken with a trail camera at one bait site. The author states that there were at least six coyotes in this area original. One has been killed and one is not visible in this photograph.


Breaking News! Giant Cat Threatens Maine’s Deer Herd

You will first need to spot the two bright eyes in the lower left of the screen and then prepare yourself for the attack.