March 25, 2017

Update on Progress of Proposed Montana Legislation on Guns and Right to Hunt

Press Release from the Montana Shooting Sports Association: Dear MSSA Friends, Well, not exactly.  I’m home now. Tuesday morning at 8 AM I attended a public hearing before the House Judiciary Committee to support MSSA’s School Safety Act, HB 385, to allow for armed teachers.  Garrett Bacon of Helena also came to support the bill […]

The Dust Settles Over Maine’s Bear Hunting Referendum

Three strikes and you’re out! Maine has now endured two onslaughts by radical animal rights groups and I don’t need a crystal ball to predict for me that “it ain’t over ’til it’s over.” There will be a third….at least of some sort. Already we are beginning to hear the threats and promises of making […]

Government Program

Bait is a bottle of water.

An Initiative to Ban Trapping on Public Lands in Montana

It has been brought to my attention that an organization named Footloose Montana, is attempting to gather enough signatures for a citizens’ initiative to ban trapping on public lands. Among many others, the Montana Trappers Association opposes such a restriction. I was recently sent a copy of an email from Gary Marbut at the Montana […]

Destroying the Myth: Information About the Foot Hold Live Trap

I can’t say I agree with everything the narrator said in this video as it pertains to the environment, habitat encroachment and the “disaster” that is impending, but the information on the use of the foot hold trap is pretty good.