March 25, 2017

Wolves Cannot be a Keystone Predator And Not Have an Effect on Ungulates

I recently received a copy of a brand new article that had been published in Muley Crazy Magazine, that was written by Dr. Charles Kay. The title of the article is, “Keystone Predation and Trophic Cascades.” What a brilliant piece of work, I must say. Most brilliant because not only does Kay simply and effectively […]

George Monbiot: For more wonder, rewild the world

Isn’t it amazing that an environmental writer/activists, can gather together people in order to spread his idealistic propaganda that he has selectively taken from outcome-based science and presented it as something amazing. And the people listening probably are believing every word of it. All old topics of rewilding, trophic cascades and far out myths of […]

Trophic Cascades from Wolves to Grizzly Bears in Yellowstone?

Commentary by George Dovel *Editor’s Note* The following is republished on this website with permission from the author. Please consider subscribing to The Outdoorsman. Information can be found in the right sidebar on the home page of this website. Thank you. In Outdoorsman No. 51, the article on pages 8-9 Titled, “Top Wolf Scientist Charges […]

David Mech: Alpha Wolf? Whatchu Talkin Bout?

I believe I posted this video quite some time ago but being that the subject has come up again….and again…..and again, I thought maybe it would help to post this video again as Dr. David Mech explains the myth, he created, about alpha male and alpha female wolves. Oh, and heck! While you are at […]

Top Wolf Scientist Charges Wolf Researchers Have Become Advocates Rather Than Scientists

Dr. David Mech, the man who invented “balance of nature”, refutes his own claim. Says “Balance of Nature” a Myth. Top Wolf Scientist Charges Wolf Researchers Have Become Advocates Rather Than Scientists by George Dovel The Outdoorsman – Bulletin Number 51 – Page 8 Republished on this website with permission from editor/author. During a May […]

David Mech’s Damage Has Been Done – Too Late to Attempt Reconciliation

It seems some readers are agog today over an article discovered to have been published at Daily Kos, discussing supposed errors made in attempts to understand wolf and wildlife science, balance of nature and trophic cascades. At the center of this article is David Mech, father of the Wolf Wars; the man who identifies with […]