November 30, 2022

Ecosystem Management is True Believerism

There’s an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal (behind a pay wall) calling for the U.S. Government to end the current method of managing the government’s land booty and create a forest charter institution, like those being used in charter schools in this country.

The author, Robert H. Nelson, a professor of environmental policy at the University of Maryland and a senior fellow at the Independent Institute in Oakland, Calif., says of the current and evolved forest management practices:

In part, a philosophical shift is to blame for these terrible records [forest and forest fire management]. During the 1990s, the Forest Service’s old philosophy of “multiple use management” of forests was succeeded by a new outlook of “ecosystem management.” This placed ecological goals above more utilitarian considerations, resulting in a radical curtailing of timber harvesting, forest thinning and other more aggressive actions that would have helped to address the continuing fire problem.

Ecological goals? That’s a nice way of putting the idealistic desires, the result of many years of constant brainwashing by education czars from Tavistock, of “True Believers.” For those who don’t read here regularly, a “True Believer” (TBer) is a term I use that comes from Eric Hoffer’s book, The True Believer. The TBer blindly believes and follows the masses because they have some overwhelming need, real or falsely created, to be part of a cause or a movement. This generally results from a person who has an inordinate dislike of themselves and thinks they can resolve that issue by belonging to something, i.e. becoming a True Believer.

Ecosystem Management is an inaccurate term used by those members of the Environmental Movement, which it appears the author of the WSJ piece is a part of. An ecosystem in nothing more than a collective term used to label something that exists that others want to control. Non thinkers have been convinced an ecosystem is some kind of well-oiled machine that can only screw up when man is present. It’s convenient idealism, cloaked in nonsense, swallowed up by True Believers who become useful idiots for the Totalitarian government that now exists; one that takes everything from the people and distributes to whomever government believes worthy. Kind of sounds just like Communism, doesn’t it?

Because ecosystem management could not exist without the “True Believers”, it is now a matter of record that the overwhelming majority of those who desire to run everybody’s lives, do so from the comfort of their urban dwellings. Ignorant, but well brainwashed in the falsities of “ecosystem management” and the dark despair that man places upon the ecosystem, “True Believers” blindly beat their government-provided drums that forestland and the creatures living in them, must be left alone to their mythologies of self-regulation. They believe they have this right don’t you know. I suppose this must be one of those “ecosystem goals” written about in the WSJ.

Crammed into their non-functioning brains, between text messaging, television, smoking dope and mentally ejaculating with Facebook, these robots believe they are entitled to destroy everything good in our heritage and replace it with garbage – their filthy garbage.

It is these actions, of demands for predator protections, destruction of hunting heritage and trapping of furbearers, that keeps this nation in a constant state of turmoil; a created tool of the ruling class.

From multiple use, to ecosystem management, now it is suggested that the Federal lands be managed like charter schools. This is nothing more than dressing up a government pig in different clothing and then convincing the same non thinkers, the “True Believers” that this is good and above all it WORKS.


The Relentless Grip of Totalitarian Thought


Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines “Totalitarian” as: “of or relating to a political regime based on subordination of the individual to the state and strict control of all aspects of the life and productive capacity of the nation especially by coercive measures (as censorship and terrorism), ” in addition: “completely regulated by the state especially as an aid to national mobilization in an emergency.”

Totalitarianism is defined as the political system implementing the above definition. Most believe that a mere despotic ruler, such as George W. Bush and/or Barack H. Obama (relating only to modern times), are the authors of totalitarianism and those who foment this repression of individuality, while delimiting the need for distinct and unique thought. In fact, despotic rulers most often are simply reaping the harvest of the crop planted before them.

Eric Hoffer, in his book, The True Believer, says, “No matter how vital we think the role of leadership in the rise of a mass movement, there is no doubt that the leader cannot create the conditions which make the rise of a movement possible. He cannot conjure a movement out of the void. There has to be an eagerness to follow and obey, and an intense dissatisfaction with things as they are, before movement and leader can make their appearance.”

For certain, totalitarianism is a movement and absolutely Barack Obama did not invent it. It just so happens that he has a mass of people that have been prepared; he has an ardent following begging to be led having been poorly educated, by design, to deny individualism through governmental subordination; he also has the intense dissatisfaction (recalling the national mindset at the conclusion of the Bush years.) with the way things are. And now the people are ripe. They want someone to lead them, tell them what to do, how to do it and when to do it. Barack Obama has a weak and submission mass to true believers that he can and does mold as clay.

Can anyone left with a vein of thought deny that every aspect of an American’s life is regulated?

Complete independence is the pinnacle of freedom. Individual freedom threatens totalitarianism; it threatens the posterity of the bloodlines of elite entitlement. Independence includes independent thought, that results in asking questions. This also becomes a threat.

We have learned that the manipulation of the mind is not a new concept. Unfortunately a scientific concept of mind control was used for all the wrong reasons. Brainwashing sets the stage for the totalitarian mind set. Through our schools, television, music, video games, books, news media, governmental agencies, non governmental agencies, we have all become products of a well-planned game of mind control. The goal is to get us to become useless robots, incapable of independent thought and ripe and ready for submission.

The many recent debates going on exemplifies the depth to which that described by Eric Hoffer above has taken over the people of this country. The planned attack on this society has readied us to submission. We are subordinate to government. Is it mere coincidence that with every action in our society, good or bad, has to be followed by calls for “something to be done?” With each “something to be done”, one more chip is taken out of our independence; one more ounce of freedom lost.

It’s easy to blame Barack Obama for all the seeming despotic and dictatorial actions he has taken but remember, he cannot do this alone. If what Hoffer tells us is true that a leader, “cannot conjure a movement out of the void” then it only stands to reason that this society’s readiness has been long in the making.

Can we reverse it?


Day 20 – No Executive Orders


Now that President Obama has put his campaign machine back in order and taken to the streets to push his Second Amendment destruction, some in the media are backing away from any reference to Obama’s dog and pony show, used to incite violence and further divide the country, of signing 23 executive orders on gun control and confiscation, while exploiting children.

I’m not holding my breath that any orders will ever be published, because I knew the day Obama lied about signing 23 executive orders, he had not written them and there were no details concerning any of the orders. Obama does not want Americans to know about details. If any executive orders are ever published it will be in the cover of darkness. But, the point is he deceived the people, lied to them and using Adolf Hitler-like tactics drove another wedge to divide the people and incite violence; something he has yet to be able to accomplish, with the exception of individuals who have, against many odds, died of late. The latest victim being Chris Kyle.

In the meantime, while Obama and his band of True Believers are working feverishly to disarm Americans, Homeland Security continues to arm itself and are buying and stockpiling assault weapons and ammunition. Why would Homeland Security need to do that? Isn’t defense up to the Department of Defense?