February 3, 2023

Bin Laden Crosses U.S./Mexico Border

Actually James O’Keefe, that guy who keeps showing up with film documentation of government corruption and ineptness, dresses up like Obama bin Biden, er, I mean Osama bin Laden, and crosses the border from Mexico to the United States.<<<Read More>>>



Homeland “Gestapo” Security Aiding and Abetting Criminals

The Obama administration’s Department of Homeland Security is brazenly violating U.S. law and participating in criminal conspiracies to smuggle illegal immigrants into the United States, U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen said in a December ruling. He also noted that the schemes were helping to fund Mexican drug cartels and jeopardizing the lives of children. According to Hanen, the apparent Obama administration policies in question are part of a trend and represent a “dangerous course of action,” costing taxpayers huge sums while enriching criminal syndicates.<<<Read More>>>