January 28, 2023

Sportsmen and Ranchers Must Pay for Government Fascist Wolf Programs

fascismwarningHat tip to reader “Chandie” for providing this link.

I swear to God that once a person becomes a politician, or actually steps foot inside one of their evil establishments, they lose all ability to reason. What the functionality!

Totalitarians in this country, with money and big mouths, prompted the fascist government of the United States to dump wolves on people that didn’t want them. You can read all the garbage from these totalitarian/fascists about how rigged polls stated the majority of people wanted wolves but those are lies. It’s all lies!

Regardless, the fascists in United States Government have succeeded in making the lives and livelihoods of many Americans absolutely miserable as wolves have destroyed game herds, spread the landscape with disease, terrorized people and neighborhoods and gobbled up livestock and profits ranchers need to sustain the businesses of feeding the people of this now repressed country.

As bad as that all is, the fascists now want the sportsmen and the ranchers to pay for what they call “management” of the useless, disease-ridden, killing machine. You can’t make this stuff up. I have a box of staples sitting here on my office desk that has more brains than this.

According to an Idaho Farm Bureau publication, a plan, endorsed by Idaho Gov. Otter, requires that ranchers cough up $110,000.00, sportsmen ante-up another $110,000.00 and $400,000.00 come from general fund taxation dollars. In addition, the fascists are going to increase the license fees for those who want to kill the damned useless dog. Is there no sanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Killing the dog IS the solution!!! What is there to not understand?

It should have been reprehensible in the beginning that the Federal Government forced this criminal enterprise of wolf introduction on people who didn’t want it. Now that the worm-infested canines are dug in, spreading disease and destroying game and livestock, as is typical, government bails out leaving the damage behind and the citizens to find a way to clean it up.

I’m not so stupid as to not understand that the state of Idaho is much to blame for this because of the corruption in that state’s government that illegally allowed the criminal act of wolf introduction to take place to begin with. But, let’s not get sidetracked.

Those suffering the most from wolf introduction are the ranchers and the sportsmen. If you’re not in this group, just be patient and wait for it. Disease or an attack, increased food prices, etc., will be blessing you and yours anytime now.

While the ranchers and sportsmen are down on the ground, idiots in the Idaho government form a committee that recommends the allotment of extra taxes to pay for the disease that’s killing them that they didn’t want in the first place. Talk about kicking them in the groin while they are down!

Perhaps I could understand taking money from general taxation but you’re still asking those who have already paid and paid many times over, to dig deeper and pay for their own massacre. Does anyone else see anything wrong with this? Ranchers and sportsmen are being targeted!

The pittance, more accurately could be called a damned insult, that is given to ranchers for compensation is a joke. Unwilling, and I’m sure with their lack of gray matter, authorities couldn’t figure out a compensation package that includes the real costs of dealing with wolves. It’s not that difficult! Instead, the insulting pittance of money repaid to ranchers amounts to nothing – all by design I might add.

In addition, Idaho, a state that once could brag about being the finest elk hunting in the West, has drastically reduced opportunities to buy tags and go hunting. Now that wolves and the government, along with their useful idiot NGOs, have destroyed the industry, these blood thirsty bastards want them to reach into their pockets and pay again. Let’s make sure it hurts real good – right you fascist, ignorant people?

And speaking of ignorance, how about charging the hunters and trappers who are willing to kill the damned wild dog more money for a license to do so. On another article published on this website a reader left a comment that I think might sum up what is going on here. I’ll paraphrase: It is the policy of wildlife managers to give first dibs to game animals to the predators. If there happens to be anything left over, we’ll let them fight over a handful of hunting tags.

But Idaho has gone even beyond that. They want those suffering to pay more.

Evidently stuck on stupid, these inept, brainwashed, fully indoctrinated people seem to suggest there is no better solution to this problem. Well, here’s a solution for you; that is if you have any guts and bravery to do the right thing.

It appears Gov. Otter is willing to steal from the citizens of Idaho, $620,000.00 to “manage” wolves in order to keep the environmentalists off his back. This problem will go away when the wolves go away. Nothing else will do. The people and governments were warned all of this bull crap was going to happen, and as good fascists, they would not listen to the people and still will not.

So, Otter is willing to spend somebody else’s money to continue to grow wolves so they can continue their destruction. Take the $620,000.00, all from general taxation, (after all, according to the fascists and totalitarians, the majority of the people wanted wolves. So make them all pay and stop targeting the ranchers and sportsmen. Trust me when I say that tax payers would be eager to jump at this investment that will end their troubles.) and pay for the reduction, to the barest minimum, of worthless wolves. Here’s how: First, there will be no license fee involved with killing wolves and no closed season or night-time prohibition. In addition, if there are an estimated 1,500 – 2,000 wolves in Idaho, divide the $620,000.00 by 2,000 wolves and give each hunter/trapper that kills a wolf a $310.00 bounty. How long before wolves wouldn’t be a problem and Idaho wouldn’t even be thinking about how to “manage” the wolf? Wolves are gone and along with it the problem. It’s time to admit introduction was a failure and the biggest tragedy perpetrated upon the people of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, and now many other states.

Think about it for a minute. With wolves gone, ranchers will no longer have a problem and can continue to produce food and make a living. Elk will return, along with deer, moose and once again hunters return to the state buying up licenses. Idaho Fish and Game Department can balance their books, the war and division among the people will go away. Lawsuits will go away and along with it the radical environmentalist, bloodsuckers. What isn’t to love about this plan? So many problems ended with one simple cure.

Of course it will never happen because the fascists are in control and the totalitarian, useful idiots, often called by me, True Believers, play out their hand for them. Their aim is to destroy ranching and hunting, fishing and trapping, as well as closing up lands. And the fascist government, including the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, wants them gone as well. It’s about control of people and nothing to do with game management.

Somehow, over the years, I had thought that Idaho was a bastion of hope, a place where enough people had enough brains and common sense to not put up with this crap. If Idaho has gone to the dogs, literally and figuratively, what hope is there?

I think Idaho ranchers and sportsmen should step up and tell the fascists that you’ve paid your share. You don’t want to pay any more and will not pay any more!

Support common sense and rational thinking!