January 29, 2023

Nine Members of NPS Advisory Board Quit

*Editor’s Note* – Trump gets an “F” when it comes to making his nominations for key positions, especially with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, BLM and others. However, having 9 members of the National Park Service advisory board quit may not be such a bad thing. As a matter of fact, maybe it is time to disband this and other useless “advisory” boards because the purpose of their existence and the efforts they carry out are contrary to most everything American. For example, the NPS advisory board works directly and indirectly with certain programs within the United Nations to appoint certain parcels of land/historic sites for the purpose of a systematic ceding of control of such nominated lands (national monuments, parks, and historic sites) to the United Nations. I doubt this is what the majority of Americans want but I’m sure, due to their ignorance, they haven’t a clue about any of this.


“Three-quarters of the members of a federally chartered board advising the National Park Service abruptly quit Monday night out of frustration that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke had refused to meet with them or convene a single meeting last year.

The resignation of nine out of 12 National Park System Advisory Board members leaves the federal government without a functioning body to designate national historic or natural landmarks. It also underscores the extent to which federal advisory bodies have become marginalized under the Trump administration. In May 2017, Zinke suspended all outside committees while his staff reviewed their composition and work.”<<<Read More>>>


Mexico Repeats Call for U.S. Gun Ban while Ignoring the Obvious

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- “Mexico’s Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu on Monday asked the U.S. Congress to restrict the sale of assault weapons as ‘they cause harm on both sides of the border,” China’s Xinhua News Agency reports. “Ruiz Massieu made this call at the Second Conference of States Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty of the United Nations (emboldening added – now pay attention) in Geneva, Switzerland.”

Citing the “news” arm of the PRC…? The government that has called U.S. gun ownership a “human rights violation”…?*  What gives?<<<Read More>>>




Shadow Boxing and the Fake Ridicule of Obama’s Line-Drawing in the Sand

Why can’t people see through this crap?

Remember when President Obama drew an imaginary red line in which Media reported was meant to warn Syria that if they used chemical weapons, the U.S. might issue a “military response.” Supposedly Syria did and Obama didn’t… do anything. The Republicans took the opportunity to take cheap shots at the president. The news was full of the nonsense. It was a great opportunity for both parties to mark their territories, like dogs on a backyard fence, and to convince the ignorant masses that one side is good and the other side is bad – and let’s further prop that up with some serious hating on somebody.

We move ahead about 2 1/2 years and we find President Obama signing a Paris agreement, on the fake Earth Day, in which he promises to steal more and more of American’s money to use to bribe other countries to support the fake “Climate Change” amalgamation. Can’t we all just get along…and keep giving to the Cause?

According to “The New American,” they claim that because of a law signed during Bill Clinton’s era, it is illegal for Obama to fund any part of implementing the Paris climate agreement, because The State of Palestine is not recognized by the U.S. as a state and member of the United Nations….or something. – “Thanks to a Clinton-era statute and an obscure vote last month by the United Nations, federal law now officially makes it illegal for the Obama administration to send a single penny of your money to the UN climate bureaucracy.”

Isn’t that nice?

But not so fast. According to the same article, Obama was a criminal because he gave a half-billion dollars of U.S. taxpayer money to fascist Climate Change dictators within the United Nations. “Among the UN agencies affected will be the giant slush fund for dictators run by dictators’ representatives known as the Green Climate Fund, which Obama lawlessly gave $500 million to in defiance of Congress after illegitimately pledging billions during a trip to Australia.”

So, let’s get this straight. According to this information, President Obama carried out an act that certain republican members (perhaps we should name them the Bowry Boys) of Congress say was, “illegal on multiple accounts,” and yet, one has to ask, what did this same group of mouthy republican Congressmen do about Obama’s supposed illegal action?

Supposedly, Obama’s lawyers, noted as “Obama’s legions of U.S. taxpayer-funded lawyers” declared that it was not illegal to spend 500 million taxpayer dollars to fund Climate Change dictators at the U.N.

The group of republican Congressmen warned Obama that he better not do something like that again, or else…..(here is where a “red line” can be drawn.) And if that doesn’t scare the president enough, weeeellllll, these lying, gutless politicians really let Obama have it by writing a letter, described as a, “stake through the heart of the UN’s “climate” regime.” – “The American people must understand the dynamics and the hollow promises of Paris Agreement supporters, lest they allow these meaningless agreements to gain credibility and cause further damage [to](sic) the American economy and sovereignty.”

By God that ought ta just about scare the living crud right out of anybody! The letter further “threatened” that a signed “pseudo-treaty has no force or validity.” Last time I checked, whatever Obama or any president before him signed as a “treaty” will have no “force or validity” unless and until the United States Senate ratifies a formal treaty.

It appears that this muscled-up group of blowhard idiots have drawn at least two “Red Lines” with not the courage to do anything about it. But is it actually courage they are lacking? I think not. What they are lacking is nothing really. Perhaps a few lessons on how to better lie to the American people – or am I just catching on quicker – to make them think the republicans have the answer? They are allowed to do that until it’s the democrats turn to lie when a republican president is making up his own laws and defying (wink, wink) Congress.

If, as this group of hacks claim, President Obama violated the law by sending $500 million to the U.N. for Climate Change Dictators, then it is their duty to actually do something about it. I heard someone on TV (Fox News – another wink, wink) just this morning say the United States was a nation of laws. Therefore, it must be so.

So, either the Bowry Boys are slimy, useless, slugs, or they actually want the money to go to the U.N., or it really isn’t against the law (laws don’t matter) – or any combination of these three issues.

Doesn’t one then have to ask, if Obama and his lawyers thought and acted as though giving that half-billion to the U.N. was not illegal, why then do these mental-midget, criminal republicans think Obama and his “legion of lawyers” is going to avoid stepping over that “red line” and not send any funding to prop up the Paris agreement?


Exclusive: The UN starts toward new control over the world’s oceans

The United Nations has launched a far-reaching initiative that could give U.N.-sponsored authorities sway over the biological resources of the high seas—all the waters that lie outside national territories and economic zones.

The potential shift in power involves multi-trillion-dollar issues, such as whether large areas—conceivably, as much as 30 percent– of the world’s international waters should be designated as no-go areas to protect biological diversity; whether and how to require elaborate “environmental impact assessments” for future ocean development projects; and how to divide up the economic benefits from the future development of “marine genetic resources.”

Source: Exclusive: The UN starts toward new control over the world’s oceans | Fox News


Planned UN ‘hub’ in Washington aims to influence US counterterrorism strategy

All of those themes, along with OHCHR’s view of itself as  “the principal advocate for human rights within the U.N. system,” seem likely to bring the U.S. into closer proximity to the U.N.’s tangled, proliferating and often sweepingly contradictory notions of international human rights law — and also, perhaps, to the notoriously dictatorship-riddled, 47-member U.N. Human Rights Council.

Among other things, the Council, which has been far more enthusiastic about condemning alleged human rights transgressions in Israel than in any other nation, creates mandates for OHCHR, which also serves as the Council’s bureaucratic support.

Source: Planned UN ‘hub’ in Washington aims to influence US counterterrorism strategy | Fox News


The Beginnings of Environmentalism: Learn it and Understand it

*Editor’s Note* – The following is taken from the book “Terrorism and the Illuminati: A Three Thousand Year History, by David Livingstone. Pgs 211-215. This accounts helps to explain the roots of Environmentalism. Of note is that some people choose to be a firm participant in Environmentalism but the majority of people are useful idiots, carrying out the sinister plans of an evil entity with the most of evil goals. With understanding of who is behind Environmentalism and the reasons for its creation, we should be able to better recognize that the propaganda we are being fed is all lies.


Part of the indoctrination process sought for through the Aquarian conspiracy was not only to degrade morals and immerse the public in numerous diversions, but also to inculcate the basic principles of the New Age cult, towards establishing a one-world-religion. The means of achieving this objective has been the Environmental movement. This movement was spearheaded by the Aspen Institute, who, together with the United Nations, the Club of Rome, the Tavistock, and other such organizations originating from the Round Table, began propagandizing around the issue of nuclear energy.1 The reason being that proliferation of nuclear energy as an alternative posed a threat to the oil interests that were dominated by the Rockefellers and the Saudis. However, they claimed deceptively that it was the  environment that was being destroyed, and therefore instead rallied against “industrialization” and for “limits to growth”.

The American oilman, Robert O. Anderson, was a central figure in this agenda. Anderson and his Atlantic Richfield Oil Co. funneled millions of dollars, through their Atlantic Richfield Foundation, into select organizations to confront nuclear energy. Robert O. Anderson’s major vehicle to spread his propaganda strategy among American and European establishment circles, was his Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies. The Aspen Institute was founded in 1949, by Aldous Huxley, and John Maynard Hutchins, in commemoration of the 200th birthday of German philosopher and author of Faust, and a member
of the Illuminati, Goethe.

Robert O. Anderson also contributed significant funds to a project initiated by the Rockefeller family, together with Aurelio Peccei and Alexander King, at the Rockefeller’s estate at Bellagio, Italy, called the Club of Rome. In 1972, this Club of Rome, and the US Association of the Club of Rome, gave widespread publicity to their publication of the notorious “Limits to Growth.”. Supported by research done at MIT, this report concluded that industrialization had to be halted to save the planet from ecological catastrophe.

These organizations were exploiting the panic induced when Paul Ehrlich, a biologist at Stanford, and admirer of Bertrand Russell, in 1968, wrote his Malthusian projections in a best-selling book called The Population Bomb. In it, Ehrlich suggested, “a cancer is an uncontrolled multiplication of cells; the population explosion is an uncontrolled multiplication of people…. We must shift our efforts from the treatment of the symptoms to the cutting out of the cancer. The operation will demand many apparently brutal and heartless decisions.”2 Ehrlich also advocated placing birth control chemicals into the world’s food supplies.

The chief individual in this agenda is director of the Aspen Institute, Canadian multi-millionaire Maurice Strong. Strong is being heralded as the “indispensable man” at the center of the U.N.’s global power. He has served as director of the World Future Society, trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation and Aspen Institute, and is a member of the Club of Rome. Strong is now Senior Advisor to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, Senior Advisor to World Bank President James Wolfensohn, Chairman of the Earth Council, Chairman of the World Resources Institute, Co-Chairman of the Council of the World Economic Forum, and member of Toyota’s International Advisory Board.

However, Strong also now heads the Golden Dawn, operates an international drug ring, and is a top operative for British Intelligence.3 He was a founding member of both the Planetary Citizens. Strong and other luminaries, like Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, Sir Edmund Hillary, Peter Ustinov, Linus Pauling, Kurt Vonnegut, Leonard Bernstein, John Updike, Isaac Asimov, Pete Seeger, are listed as original endorsers of Planetary Citizens. Founded by Donald Keys, a disciple of Alice Bailey and former UN consultant, and presided over for many years by the late Norman Cousins (CFR), the Planetary
Citizens organization supports the expansion of UN power and institutions. In Earth At Omega, Keys maintains:

We have meditations at the United Nations a couple of times a week. The meditation leader is Sri Chinmoy, and this is what he said about this situation: “The United Nations is the chosen instrument of God; to be a chosen instrument means to be a divine messenger carrying the banner of God’s inner vision and outer manifestation. One day the world will … treasure and cherish the soul of the United Nations as its very own with enormous pride, for this soul is all-loving, all-nourishing, and all-fulfilling”.4

Maurice Strong also sits on the board of directors, and serves as director of finance, for the Lindisfarne Center. Lindisfarne was founded by New Age philosopher William Irwin Thompson, a former professor of humanities from MIT and Syracuse University. Thompson said:

We have now a new spirituality, what has been called the New Age movement. The planetization of the esoteric has been going on for some time… This is now beginning to influence concepts of politics and community in ecology… This is the Gaia [Mother Earth] politique… planetary culture.” Thompson further stated that, the age of “the independent sovereign state, with the sovereign individual in his private property, [is] over, just as the Christian fundamentalist days are about to be over.5

The Lindisfarne Center is located in Manhattan’s historic Episcopal Cathedral of St. John the Divine, dedicated to St. John, traditionally revered by Freemasons of the Johannite creed. Maurice Strong is the Finance Director. The center is supported by the Lilly Endowment, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and
the Rockefeller Foundation, and lists among its faculty members Amory Lovins, Gaia theory biologist James Lovelock, and Luciferian adept and New Age author David Spangler. According to Spangler, in Reflections on the Christ:

Lucifer, like Christ, stands at the door of man’s consciousness and knocks. If man says, “Go away because I do not like what you represent, I am afraid of you,” Lucifer will play tricks on that fellow. If man says, “Come in, and I will give to you the treat of my love and understanding and I will uplift you in the light and presence of the Christ, my outflow,” then Lucifer becomes something else again. He becomes the being who carries that great treat, the ultimate treat, the light of wisdom….6

Located at the same Cathedral of St. John the Divine that houses the Lindisfarne Luciferians is the Temple of Understanding. It was founded by Lucis Trust, and is the controlling authority for World Goodwill of Alice Bailey. Launched in the early 1960s as the “spiritual counterpart of the United Nations,” its founding sponsors included: John D. Rockefeller IV; then-Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara, Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, IBM president Thomas J. Watson, Socialist Party leader
Norman Thomas, Eleanor Roosevelt, Time-Life president James A. Linen, author Christopher Isherwood, columnist Max Lerner; and entertainer Jack Benny. The Temple organization, which works closely with the UN Secretariat, the World Council of Churches, and the World Conference on Religion and Peace, promotes the “Interfaith Movement” with its centennial celebration of the World’s Parliament of Religions.

Maurice Strong is also a member of the Bahai World Faith. With Haifa, in Israel, as the site of its international headquarters, the Bahai movement now exercises a strong presence in the United Nations and its One-World Religion agenda. Its involvement in the UN dates back to its founding in 1945. In 1948, the Bahai community was recognized as an international non-governmental organization. In May 1970, they were granted consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), and later with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). The Bahai organization has a working
relationship with the World Health Organization (WHO), is associated with the UN Environment Programme, as well as many other religious, environmental and social programs.

In 1978, Strong bought the Colorado Land & Cattle Company, which owned 200,000 acres of San Luis Valley in Colorado, from Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi.7 A mystic had informed Maurice and his wife Hanne, that the ranch, which they call “the Baca”, “would become the center for a new planetary order which would evolve from the economic collapse and environmental catastrophes that would sweep the globe in the years to come.” The Strongs say they regard the Baca, which they also refer to as “The Valley Of the Refuge Of World Truths”, as the paradigm for the entire planet.

The first groups to join the Strongs in setting up operations at the desert site were the Aspen Institute and the Lindisfarne Association. The Baca is replete with monasteries, and Ashram, Vedic temple, Native American shamans, Hindu temple, ziggurat, and subterranean Zen Buddhist center. Shirley MacLaine’s astrologer told her to move to the Baca, and she did. She is building a New Age study center there where people can take short weeklong courses on the occult. Another of Strong’s friends, Najeeb Halaby, a CFR
member, former chairman of Pan American, and father of the Queen of Jordan, wife to Freemason King Hussein, has built an Islamic ziggurat at the Baca. Apparently, the Kissingers, the Rockefellers, the McNamaras, the Rothschilds also make their pilgrimage to the Baca.8

Few areas in the US are as rife in paranormal activity as Baca. The modern history of unexplained occurrences began in the 1950s when green fireballs were reportedly seen by thousands, and even before that were rashes of “UFOs” that sound like what the Natives called “spirit lights.” So frequent are
such reports in the valley that a UFO “watchtower” was erected. “From the fall of 1966 through the spring of 1970 there were hundreds of unidentified flying object sightings and many of the first documented cases of unusual animal deaths ever reported,” notes Christopher Obrien, in The Mysterious Valley, a website dedicated to a study of the strange occurrences and sightings in the region. “During peak “UFO” sighting waves in the late 1960s dozens of cars would literally “line the roads” watching the amazing aerial displays of unknown lights as they cavorted around the sky above the Great Sand Dunes/Dry Lakes area.”9

An interview, titled The Wizard Of the Baca Grande, which Maurice Strong conducted with West magazine of Alberta, Canada, in May 1990, he provides details which elucidate the reasons behind the Illuminati’s support of the environmental movement. Strong concluded with a disturbing apocalyptic
scenario he would to include in a novel he says he would like to write:

Each year the World Economic Forum convenes in Davos, Switzerland. Over a thousand CEOs, prime ministers, finance ministers, and leading academics gather in February to attend meetings and set the economic agendas for the year ahead.

What if a small group of these word leaders were to conclude that the principle risk to the earth comes from the actions of the rich countries? And if the world is to survive, those rich countries would have to sign an agreement reducing their impact on the environment. Will they do it? Will the rich countries agree to reduce their impact on the environment? Will they agree to
save the earth?

The group’s conclusion is “no.” The rich countries won’t do it. They won’t change. So, in order to save the planet, the group decides: isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?

This group of world leaders form a secret society to bring about a world collapse. It’s February. They’re all at Davos. These aren’t terrorists – they’re world leaders. They have positioned themselves in the world’s commodity and stock markets. They’ve engineered, using their access to stock exchanges, and computers, and gold supplies, a panic. Then they prevent the markets from closing. They jam the gears. They have mercenaries who hold the rest of the world leaders at Davos as hostage. The markets can’t close. The rich countries…?” and Strong makes a slight motion with his fingers as if he were flicking a cigarette butt out of the window. 10


Know Your Enemy: Attack of the NGOs

Dollar-Ase-270x300*Editor’s Comment* – Of the many, many items I have read and researched over the years about Agenda 21, and now Agenda 2030, the following article if perhaps one of the better basic learning lessons of how “policy” is derived – emphasis on basic. (Note: The development of “policy” has become the foundation of law in this nation. Each administration develops its own “policy.” Policy is implemented throughout all departments and practiced as the policy directs. In time, “policy” becomes law. We all need to learn and understand this basic concept.)

I have not read, nor followed Tom DeWeese, and so perhaps this piece is intended to be a beginning step toward educating people about how  the global power structure exists and is exercised.

I do not agree completely with what is written, but as I and others have pointed out, it’s a starting point.

DeWeese describes quite well how “ideas” are brought into the system for developing plans, conventions, policy, laws and treaties but comes up short of a more specific description of where those of influence with the “ideas” come from. They are not pulled out of thin air and very few participants to United Nations meetings have the mental capacity to devise such ideas. (Sorry, but they don’t. If they did, I wonder if they would even be there.)

It’s easy to say that NGOs and nation governments, along with the United Nations, develop policy and then work toward getting that policy applied to nations through laws and/or treaties. It’s not some kind of magical happenstance. It’s far more complex as well as expertly hidden from the view of anyone caring enough to investigate at a deeper level. Few are and therefore it makes the job of preventing exposure of corrupt governments that much easier.

By the time Average Joe in Small Town, America hears words, ideas, policies, conventions, laws and treaties, what they receive are well-crafted words that sound too good to be true. None are wise to what is really taking place – due in part to a well-crafted propagandizing/mind controlled education system.

Each of the “members” who come to these tables of discussion with “ideas” are sent by the Global Power Structure and introduced to NGO representatives, as well as government departments and their representatives, etc. Not unlike the Delphi Technique, the Ruling Establishment creates the “ideas” and agenda. Agents bring those to meetings and they get “introduced” and are discussed. Because the departments are rigged, the agenda passes and the new policy returns to nations where certain members already knew what was coming back. It’s all part of a very big membership that is heavily infiltrated into every aspect of everyone’s lives throughout the world.

DeWeese alludes to the fact that all of this effort is “leading” us toward global governance. I’m afraid the “leading” has passed behind us now and is mostly present, at least at some level, in our lives today. Few notice or even pay attention.

It is a rigged system and the administrators of that rigged system use NGOs, state and local governments and their representatives as useful idiots to carry out their fascist plans through totalitarian efforts.

I suggest reading the following linked-to article but remember, it is not 100% accurate – little ever is and by far is not even remotely close to being a complete look at any power structure that is devising Agenda 2030 policy.

Put in simple street language, the procedure really amounts to a collection of NGOs, bureaucrats and government officials, all working together toward a predetermined outcome. They have met together in meetings, written policy statements based on international agreements, which they helped to create and now they are about to impose laws and regulations that will have dire effects on people’s lives and national economies. Yet, with barely a twinge of conscience they move forward with the policy, saying nothing. No one objects. It’s understood. Everyone goes along. For this is a barbaric procedure that insures their desired outcome without the ugliness of bloodshed, or even debate. It is the procedure used to advance the radical, global environmental agenda.

Read the Deweese Report – Know Your Enemy: Attack of the NGOs


U.N. goes for Police State in the United States | Agenda 21 Radio

*Editor’s Note* – Perhaps this report is two things – a bit late and presented with the cart before the horse?

The below clip from a bigger article says an attorney is calling attention to the intentions of Barack Obama’s “police state.” What is it exactly that needs to happen in order for the United States to be recognized as a police state? Is it when everything you have is taken away from you and you find yourself locked up with your friends and family? Or, is it all of the things that have transpired over a few decades that has slowly brought us to the point where much of all that is left is to be locked up? And why is this Obama’s police state intentions? People actually think he invented all this?

What I find interesting is that this article describes the “police state set up” as bringing the United Nations into the local police force. From my perspective, and I have been often thought of as a complete fool, it’s the other way around. In actuality, hasn’t the United Nations, through all global power establishments, taken near complete control over state’s governments, along with their local police departments?

If you have your head buried in the sand, or are deliberately attempting to mislead, people actually do not recognize that we have been living in a police state for quite some time. The only claim to fame Obama might have is that he has, for whatever reasons, become emboldened enough to be more “in your face” over it all.

Obama is a puppet of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). I have read that when the CFR is looking for their next president (sorry, you don’t elect them) a key consideration of that potential candidate is the size of his or her ego. The bigger the better. Obama has a huge ego and therefore makes perhaps the best puppet for the puppet masters that the U.S./CFR has had in a long time.

We ought to wake up, but I fear it is too late. It’s really difficult to save a ship that has already sunk to the bottom.

Oh, yeah. “But don’t go look.” Better look into that new app for your “eye” phone.

Constitutional attorney KrisAnne Hall has produced a video which call[s] attention to the upcoming police state intentions of the Obama administration.  The police state set up is to bring the United Nations into the local police force business in the United States through the Strong Cities Network. The Strong Cities Network was announced on September 28, 2015 by Loretta Lynch in a press release just a day before Lynch announced to the United Nations the ‘launch’ of the Network leading one to conclude the timing is suspicious.

Source: U.N. goes for Police State in the United States | Agenda 21 Radio


Obama Wants to Tie the UN Noose Even Tighter Around the Necks of Gun Owners

Right now White House officials are booking flights to Mexico…… and they’re not bringing back souvenirs.

They’re on their way to the UN Small Arms Conference, to be held in Mexico City on August 24.

And they’re planning to bring back the framework for a global gun control regime.

Source: Obama Wants to Tie the UN Noose Even Tighter Around the Necks of Gun Owners | Current Alerts


It’s Unanimous: Every Country in the UN Signs Agreement to Protect Wildlife

All 193 members of the United Nations have finally found something they all can agree on: protecting the world’s wildlife. A new pledge will enforce it.

Source: It’s Unanimous: Every Country in the UN Signs Agreement to Protect Wildlife