February 5, 2023

Shock!!! It’s A Shock I Tell Ya!!

Well, it’s been nearly 3 weeks since I was “shut down” for no apparent reason…at least any legitimate one. But I’m back.

One of the issues was that the server that I am on, needed to update certain software in order that WordPress (the software I use for my blogging) could also update properly. After 3 weeks, and no explanation, the web host finally updated the php software but I was still unable to update WordPress until today, when the hosts, so graciously, “allowed” me access to my site.

I apologize to all readers who have come to enjoy reading the truthfulness of this site, along with a variety of information and daring expose.

With over 14,000 posts and numerous other pages of valuable information, it has been a shame that none of it has been available for this 2 weeks.

The lesson? Be vewy, vewy careful when choosing a web host and be prepared that when you are daring enough to write truth that, for obvious reasons, is outside the realm of what today’s automatons would consider normal, I suppose the punishment is to be shut down for no apparent reason.


Bureaucratic Nonsense Update

On Thursday I published an article explaining why, in my opinion, I thought Maine’s 15-year plan for deer management was little more than bureaucratic nonsense. This morning I updated that article to include important information that I forgot to include. Below is the update I posted.

*Editor’s Note* – After posting this article and rereading it the following day, I realized that when I made the statement that the reason Maine has to have a “new” 15-year plan for deer, moose, bear, turkeys, etc. was because the Legislature makes them do it. This is true but it is also a necessary evil if Maine intends to receive any Federal funding or support. In essence, the main driving factor for the 15-year plan is Federal money. (Updated 12/24/2016 10:53 a.m.)