June 4, 2023

Directions for the Destruction of Wolves and Coyotes

April 17, 1907

From: United States Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Biological Survey – Circular No. 55

By Vernon Bailey – In charge of Geographic Distribution

“The losses from the destruction of stock by wolves and coyotes in the western United States amount to millions of dollars annually and seem to be increasing rather than decreasing. Practical means of preventing these losses are urgently needed. The present circular, based on field work of the Biological Survey, aims to present briefly the best methods of hunting, trapping and poisoning wolves and coyotes, of finding the dens and destroying the young, and of fencing to protect stock. By the methods given herein the numbers of wolves and coyotes may be rapidly diminished and the losses of stock thereby reduced to a minimum.”>>>Read More>>>


Cutting Off Supply Lines to Animal Rights’ Intrusions and Tax Dollar Heists

Just yesterday a reader at the Black Bear Blog left a comment pertaining to an article I had written last week entitled, “Relationships With Fish and Game Departments at All Time Low“. Part of that comment said:

When the Allies won World War II, they didn’t just fight the battle on the front lines, they attacked the enemy’s ability to fight the war by bombing their factories. They went after their supply lines. It’s the same with fighting the insane policies of the far left. You can’t just try to fight the battle on the front lines of public opinion; you have to go after their supply lines. And their biggest supply line is how they’ve corrupted the environmental movement and then use it to fund themselves to the tune of hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars.

Those of us who are knowledgeable about the antics of the animal rights organizations, have a good understanding of how, through dishonesty and abuse, these groups have successfully funded their activities. Perhaps what isn’t discussed enough is the fact that many of these same organizations have propitiously infiltrated every level of local, state and federal governmental departments and hijacked those agencies in order to perpetuate their agendas and funding.

In the article linked to above, I wrote: “Fish and game departments have become giant government agencies with too many powers and a focus that caters to environmentalism and animal rights and animal protection.” (emboldening added) What is it within these departments that has created this shift away from sportsmen and onto environmentalism, animal rights and animal protection? It’s mostly due to the infiltration of members of these organizations at every level and every agency.

Also last week I posted information about how APHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) was looking to contract with someone or agency that could provide Internet spying on anyone suspected of any kind of ill-defined animal abuse. If you read the entire contract proposal, not only will you discover how radical it is, but that it smells terribly of something spawned by animal rights radical groups such as the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) to name just one.

On December 20, 2011, I posted a press release that was sent out by the U.S. Sportsman’s Alliance about the troubles with the U.S. Department of Agriculture/APHIS having been permeated by HSUS and as a result were setting the department’s agenda and policy in dealing with animal rights issues.

Moran noted in his Nov. 2, 2011 comments that he discovered U.S. Department of Agriculture memos authorizing the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) to hold a forum—at taxpayer expense—on animal rights and agriculture. In fact, another memorandum noted that a prior meeting with HSUS and USDA staffers was held to “set the agenda” for the upcoming forum. Moran noted in his Senate testimony that USDA met with HSUS despite it being an animal rights organization and “no friend to rural America, farmers or ranchers.”

It’s vitally important to the information in this article to read the USSA press release as it contains several documented accounts of how HSUS has, like a toxic gas, permeated the USDA. It appears the method of operation is to first sue the USDA and then use that leverage to gain access and perpetuate their agendas.

Another example of HSUS’ annexing of the USDA/APHIS is found in an article sent to me by a reader. It explains how one person, Sarah Conant, before becoming a lawyer, went to work for HSUS as an animal protection litigator. She continued her work with HSUS through receiving her Bar license and after five short years was hired by the USDA/APHIS.

These are only tiny examples of what is taking place. These are the supply lines that need to be broken. We cannot allow the HSUS to be the indoctrination springboard where well-bred minions become agents within our governmental departments; the end result is the death and destruction of individual rights, freedom and this nation.

The easy part is exposing the evil. Cutting off the supply lines is a monumental task.

Tom Remington