March 30, 2017

Utah: Biologist Back With Family After Accident

*Editor’s Query* – Of course I have questions. Reading the information in this article, we see where a biologist is “accidentally” injected with a tranquiler (dart) intended for a yearling cub black bear – weighing how much? And how much did the biologist who got “accidentally” injected weigh? The article doesn’t tell us the dosage […]

Utah and Maine Want Trump to Rescind Monuments

*Editor’s Note* – In a recent article I was reading in one of the Maine newspapers about the new national monument, Katahdin Woods and Waters, one of the comments after the article was one of ignorance, as are many. The person leaving the comment said that there is no guarantee of access with private land […]

Mule Deer Buck Battle

There ain’t room enough for both of us here. Git out of town before the sun goes down.

Utah Senate votes to repeal 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

The Utah Senate on Wednesday called on Congress to repeal the 17th Amendment — so that state senators could again select U.S. senators. It voted 20-6 to pass SJR2, and sent it to the House. It calls for Congress to repeal the 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which was ratified in 1913 to allow people […]

Colorado Faces Fascist Government Dealing With Wolves

*Editor’s Note* – I’ve highlight the most relevant part of any discussion involving the spreading of GI toxic wolves across the entire landscape of the United States. We live in a fascist state where the Federal Government dictates to everyone what will be. Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and any other state can oppose wolf introduction […]

RMEF Confirms Utah Expo Bid

Press Release from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation: MISSOULA, Mont.—In response to a high volume of calls and questions received related to the Wildlife Expo Permit Series in Utah, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation confirms submitting an application on September 1 to the Utah Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources (DWR) for the opportunity to […]

Rep. Newhouse Introduces Legislation to Remove Gray Wolf from Endangered Species Act List

April 23, 2015 Press Release WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Rep. Dan Newhouse (R-WA) introduced H.R. 1985, the Pacific Northwest Gray Wolf Management Act of 2015 to remove the gray wolf from the “List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife” under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and return management authority for the species back to the individual […]

Utah Elk Habitat Gets Upgrade Thanks to RMEF Grants

Press Release from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation: MISSOULA, Mont.—The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation awarded grants to fund more than 50 projects that will improve more than 51,000 acres of habitat for elk and other wildlife in 22 counties across Utah. The grants, awarded in 2014, total $226,500 and will directly benefit Beaver, Box Elder, […]

More than 7K coyotes killed in Utah for bounties in 2014

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah’s controversial coyote bounty program continues to rack up huge numbers. In a recently released report, the Division of Wildlife Resources said that 7,041 coyotes were turned in for the $50 reward in 2014. While that’s just shy of last year’s tally, more people participated in 2014, so the program appears […]

Dr. Charles Kay: Longterm Vegetation Change in Utah’s Henry Mountain: A Study in Repeat Photography

From Dr. Kay: “The final report on my repeat photo research in Utah’s Henry Mountains has now been published by BLM. In all, I repeated 608 photographs and over 100 plates are included in the final report. As this is a BLM report, everyone is free to download it, print it off, or to send […]