March 22, 2017

The Purpose of Welfare

I had a brief but interesting exchange of emails from a close friend the other day. The foundation of the original email was concern over a growing trend in Maine of home invasions – something rarely found in the Pine Tree State, and as a result more people are taking to arming themselves for protection. […]

Allyne Caan: Children and Cartoon Violence

Guns, as we know, have been around and accessible for centuries. Guns aren’t the variable. And for decades, countless children have been exposed to video games yet have not grown up to be violent killers. Video games aren’t the variable, either. Instead, we have to look beyond the video games and guns —a blasphemous thought […]

Exemplification of Planned Chaos

Richard Fernandez’s article pertaining to the Dallas “shooting” of five police officers is a perfect example of how the ruling establishment’s (that establishment that nobody wants to know and learn about) plan is working quite well. Some of us think that the plan involves civil war, if not uncontrolled civil violence – real or theater. […]

Massacre At The NRA?

Some Selected Comments from the original post online:

What really happened at the Chicago rally

A single white Trump supporter who held up a sign and stood quietly as three dozen people surrounded him, smiling and screaming, snatching and pushing at him until he had to run for police cover. Someone grabbed his American flag and threw it on the ground and he fought to recover it. The police escorted […]

Sheriff’s Deputies Shot to Death in Panera Bread Where Guns are Banned

In 2014 Panera bread announced a new policy of asking customers to not bring guns into their stores. They very guns that could easily have saved the lives of these two officers. Source: Sheriff’s Deputies Shot to Death in Panera Bread Where Guns are Banned – Liberal Logic 101 Five Things You Need to Know […]

Muslims Don’t Kill People – Bars Do…Or Something

“Justly” Infringing on Rights

*Editor’s Note* – The Editorial Board of the Portland Press Herald is a shining example of many years of misinformation, disinformation, brainwashing and psychological operations by sinister power brokers aiming at the destruction of the United States, at least what we thought it used to be. A right is a right, or it should be. […]

The Push for a Population Reduction Civil War

Is there something in the air that might be causing a shift in how many “peaceful” American citizens view their constitutional rights? I know, and a few other people know, that there are continuous psychological warfare operations designed to influence the way people think and react to specific issues. The media plays the biggest role […]

Leftist war on Christianity draws first blood: Oregon campus shooter demanded victims state their religion… Christians were then executed with a bullet to the head 

Over the last several years, the political left of America has waged a culture war against Christianity, leveraging the mainstream media as a platform of hate speech that vilified and denigrated Christians at every level. This war against Christianity has infused its way into pop culture, broadcasting messages of hate and violence against Christians through […]