January 30, 2023

Coyote Defenders Echo Chamber

Jim Beers has put so aptly in his descriptive title given to what has happened to wildlife management in this country – Romance Biology wedded with Environmental Voodoo.

Because of this wedding, the offspring are mentally challenged – we used to call it retarded. And thus, perhaps it’s time to renew the Coyote Defenders Bingo (see card below).

Apparently coyotes attacked two dogs near Manchester, CT leaving one dog with several injuries and is still under veterinary care.

So what do officials for the DEEP say about this event? It’s whelping season.

Here’s the echo chamber:

Coyotes Spotted Attacking Two Dogs in Manchester

Two Dogs Attacked by Coyotes in Manchester

Coyotes Attack Two Dogs

Dogs Attacked by Coyotes in Manchester

Below is a Coyote Defenders bingo card. To play is simple. Each time you read or hear of stupid excuses used to protect the coyote, find the excuse on the card and “X” it off. Once you’ve filled up the card with “Xs” you should have come to realize the ignorance and stupidity – the result of the marital bliss of Romance Biology and Environmental VooDoo.