January 30, 2023

Pope’s climate push at odds with U.S. Catholic oil investments 

*Editor’s Note* – This really is no different a hypocritical effort by the Vatican than them directing the murdering of innocents “over there” but don’t touch the Catholics…well, unless of course it’s necessary. The end always justifies the means.

Because the White and Black Popes control nearly everything, they MUST use their own created Environmentalism to control the land and the water. Thus, the push for Climate Change in name only unless necessary to control the resources and the land and water. But don’t mess with the Vatican’s money investments. Just like Algore, they take advantage of their own created problems to make money and screw you and I over.

By Richard Valdmanis BOSTON (Reuters) – Pope Francis heartened environmentalists around the world in June when he urged immediate action to save the planet from the effects of climate change, declaring that the use of “highly polluting fossil fuels needs to be progressively replaced without delay.” But some of the largest American Catholic organizations have millions of dollars invested in energy companies, from hydraulic fracturing firms to oil sands producers, according to their own disclosures, through many portfolios intended to fund church operations and pay clergy salaries. This discrepancy between the church’s leadership and its financial activities in the United States has prompted at least one significant review of investments. The Archdiocese of Chicago, America’s third largest by Catholic population, told Reuters it will reexamine its more than $100 million worth of fossil fuel investments.

Source: Pope’s climate push at odds with U.S. Catholic oil investments – Yahoo News Canada