March 30, 2017

Radioactive Boars in Fukushima Thwart Residents’ Plans to Return Home

Photographs and video footage of the crisis-hit Japanese towns and villages are reminiscent of Chernobyl, where wildlife continues to thrive despite high radiation levels in the aftermath of the world’s worst nuclear accident in 1986. With the absence of humans, Chernobyl, in Ukraine, has become a refuge for all kinds of animals, including moose, deer, […]

Are Coyotes Herding Deer Into the City?

*Editor’s Note* – The teased and linked-to article below is a few years old but does not fail to show what will happen when predators are allowed to get out of control in numbers. “Ranchers warned Bandera County Commissioners at their Jan. 11 meeting that deer populations around the county were declining due to coyote […]

Coyotes and Wild Hogs Destroying Deer Herds in Serious Fashion

In an article published at Outdoor Life, this paragraph and quote should be read by every wildlife biologist and predator protector in the country. Coyotes are hitting the southeastern U.S. particularly hard. Reports of fawn predation are rampant with many landowners reporting rapidly declining deer densities. University of Georgia professor, Dr. Karl Miller believes coyotes […]

Photo of Wild Hog Having Killed Deer Fawn

This link was sent to me by reader Richard from Mike Hanback’s blog.