January 27, 2023

SAM Cuts Name Association With Maine Wildlife Conservation Council

SAM Statement:

Confusion related to the Maine Wildlife Conservation Council, (MWCC) and the United States Sportsmen’s Alliance, (USSA).

Dear SAM members and other interested parties:

Last year we won a major victory when we defeated the bear referendum. In response to the grave threat from the Humane Society of the United States, SAM worked with several of our outdoor partners, including the Maine Professional Guides and the Maine Trapper’s Association, the United States Sportsmen’s Alliance and others to create the Ballot Question Committee titled, The Maine Wildlife Conservation Council. Together, we defeated the bear referendum and showed we could all come together to defeat a common adversary.

Since the referendum, the Maine Wildlife Conservation Council and SAM have parted ways on friendly terms. Many people viewed SAM as one of the key leaders of the MWCC and since very few people are aware of the fact that the MWCC is no longer a function of SAM, we want to clear up any confusion surrounding SAM and the MWCC.

The reorganized MWCC is in no way associated with SAM. Because the MWCC is aggressively fundraising with our mutual partners and friends, we feel it is time to educate the public and our partners to this fact to help clear up any existing or future confusion.

Just after the referendum, we were asked to support the continuation of the MWCC and to contribute $10,000.00 to the MWCC each year. Our Board decided that creating a new organization would be an expensive duplication of SAM’s very limited resources and that much of the money would be consumed by overhead and staff.

Shortly after the referendum vote, the MWCC was reconstituted by the Maine Professional Guides Association, Maine Trappers and the United States Sportsmen’s Alliance. They have since hired staffers from the bear referendum campaign, including James Cote and Rob Sexton. Unfortunately, it was not made clear to the sporting community that the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine is not a member of MWCC.

Because of the subsequent confusion, combined with the fact that the United States Sportsmen’s Alliance is now calling themselves the “Sportsmen’s Alliance” in press releases and other communications, we feel a need to clear up the confusion. The United States Sportsmen’s Alliance is a good friend and we owe them our thanks for all they do, but we do want the sportsmen and women of the state to realize we are two separate organizations.

The Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine is ready to face any future referendum battles and we are committed to working with all of our partner organizations. We appreciate all of the support we continue to receive from clubs members and the public. We hope this explanation helps and any questions should be sent to:

David Trahan