July 5, 2020

Can Animal Cams Help Stave Off Climate Change?

*Editor’s Note* – What non thinking insanity is rearing its ugly head in this country/world. No thought here is given to anything except the selfish desires of perverted animal lovers, caring only for their own greedy desires, as Techonzombies, to destroy the wild places real wild animals live, and promoting it as saving the planet. Can it get any more stupid?

If one is stupid enough to believe the utter nonsense that man is causing the planet to warm, then consider, if it’s at all possible, what exploiting wild animals with Web cameras is doing to destroy the planet. Do these inconvenient truths not matter to ignorant hypocrites out to satisfy their uncontrollable addictions to technology, believing another fake “scientist” when he/she says all of this will save the planet? It’s akin to Algore flying his private jet around telling you and I we must sacrifice in order that he can keep flying.

The mere promotion of more and bigger and better web/trail cameras demands more natural resources and the process to build them increases their so-called carbon footprint. Then consider disposal of these items once a better camera is made. What effect does that have on the planet?

In addition, because of trail cameras capturing events that cause mentally disordered people to demand something be done, how many hundreds of thousands of dollars and gallons and gallons of fossil fuels were spent to save a bear that had a trap around its neck? Do any of you think with more and more people watching animals that demands for more wasteful spending won’t increase? And with it the carbon footprint. That’s solving global warming?

This article claims that people will no longer need to travel great distances to see animals “in the wild” (Bwahahahahaha) because they can watch them on TV/cellphones/computers/”eye”pads. Is that a proven theory? If so, why not tear down all the sports stadiums in the country. People can sit at home and watch. Close down the national parks and wildlife preserves. Think of the money we can save by just locking the gates and let web cameras provide for entertainment. Close down New York’s Central Park. Just be there “virtually” and display it on the wall of your living room. SAVE THE DAMNED PLANET FOOL!

If you think for a moment people might not stay home, then perhaps you also need to consider that because people so much like what they are seeing on their computers, they just have to drive, fly, take a boat, whatever, and go see it in person. I contend intrusions into places people probably shouldn’t be, will increase. They sure don’t understand human nature…nor do they give three rat’s behinds about respecting nature.

It appears to me as a way to exploit wild animals for profit. If these con artists can propagandize enough stupid people, consider how much money stands to be made. TECHNOZOMBIES! Present on their electronic devices and they will do anything.

Oh, my! We ARE hopeless!

“It’s going to be much more what did the elephant see as it was walking through Nepal? What’s a black-and-white colobus seeing as it spends its day?” says Wilkie. “Cameras are going to get small enough and with mesh networks,” in which multiple computer users are wirelessly connected and share information, “even the forests could be connected. Rather than a gigantic transmitter, you’d have a tiny transmitter that just needs to talk to the nearest way station.”

Like many conservationists, Wilkie believes that developing new technology like this is critical to engaging the next generation of screen-savvy digital natives, even if it means they catch glimpses of nature’s bloodier side.“

Just caring about one individual is not going to solve our ecosystem-wide problems or may be somewhat of a distraction, but I would also argue that that passion can drive an entire societal ethic,” says Joel Dunn of Chesapeake Conservancy. “And that ethic leads to people that vote for politicians that will prioritize the environment, it helps them donate to groups like ours that try to protect these places and species, and it breeds the next generation of conservation leader.”

Source: Can Animal Cams Help Stave Off Climate Change? | Outside Online


Deer Fearless, Bears Afraid, Pesticides Banned, Lyme Disease Promoted

DeerAttackSignFurthering the substantiation that the world has gone mad, I read of a town in Oregon where people are trying to figure out, “how to deal with droves of fearless deer.” Officials say, “The deer have no fear of humans” and “Deer just live there.” The same officials say that when there are too many deer sharing the same space with humans, “there’s going to be conflict.”

Toss the coin and when a bear appears, or a wolf, or a mountain lion, or a bobcat, or a coyote, “they are more afraid of you than you should be of them.” We are also told how “rare” it is to be attacked by any of these predators and yet, now seemingly on a daily basis, we hear about attacks on humans by large predators. Also note that the presence of large predators in human-settled landscapes doesn’t prompt these same officials to declare that when that happens, “there going to be conflict.” Just with deer I guess.

But not to fear about the deer. Officials say, “yell or make loud noises,” and they won’t bother you. I think they forgot to “look big”…or does that just apply to bears?

The events in the small town in Oregon aren’t anything new. In many parts of the country, deer are prevalent in numbers too big to ignore. Some want to give deer birth control pills. Even one university attempted to “fix” some deer so they couldn’t get pregnant, too stupid to understand that the “fix” didn’t cure the deer from “coming into heat,” which attracted all the buck deer for miles around. Result? More deer than when they started because the female deer remained in heat 24/7, thanks to the “fix.”

And yes, history, once again proves that history not learned is history repeated. There are cures for such problems. The cure has been in place for many, many years. But because citizens are unknowingly so severely brainwashed, (this is called paradigm shifting, changing the way wildlife management is looked at and dealt with and the creation, out of thin air, of “new knowledge.”) they are willing to risk their own lives, and that of others, so that deer can multiply, get sick, spread disease and cause other human deaths.

Going hand in hand with the sickness that pervades this nation, Environmentalism, we also see where in Maine, the state with the third highest incidence of Lyme Disease, wants to ban pesticides and fertilizers. More than likely that will happen. We are so stupid we can’t see that sometimes the benefits outweigh the risks. This is true in so many aspects of American life. I recall one time visiting a home for dinner. I looked across the table for some table salt and couldn’t spot any, so I asked. It was explained to me that because salt causes high blood pressure, they didn’t consume salt anymore, instead relying on an imitation or salt substitute.

I shook it on my food and began to eat. Almost instantly, my mouth felt like someone had poured gasoline in it. Once the attack simmered down, I picked up the container of salt substitute and began reading the ingredients. It was like reading a long list of toxic chemicals. Seriously, take your chances with the salt.

And let’s not forget all the wonderful things that have happened (for animals) once the Environmentalists banned DDT. Yep, we were lied to and told how we saved the animals and stopped put humans at risk from exposure to DDT (a rare event), but never to count the millions of dead people due to mosquito and other insect-borne diseases. In our brilliance, we think we save a tiny number of birds and killed millions of people. Brilliant! But, wasn’t that the plan? Club of Rome – Eugenics?

Our society is so emotionally consumed, all by design by the way, and madly in love with animals (many of the same hate human beings), they are willing to put other people’s lives at risk in order to protect the animals. The same holds true with “saving the planet” and it’s getting worse, spiraling out of control.

There should be a simple, common sense approach in which a person(s) can sensibly make a determination as to when decisions are necessary for the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. We don’t have that choice any longer. Government decides that for us and useful idiots do their bidding for them.

I’ve got news for you. Government wants to kill you and you want to support government? Does that make sense?

Stand by for a shock! In Oregon, kill the damned deer. Salvage the meat and feed the hungry. End of problem. It’s really quite simple.


Clear cutting, herbicides must be stopped

*Editor’s Note* – Perhaps the spraying of herbicides by helicopter is causing everything this person describes, but I’m wondering if this same person ever looks up at the sky to see what all the governments are spraying that’s killing even people?

Now there is nothing but clear cuts being sprayed by helicopter with herbicides. This kills the birch and maple understory that moose require to survive the winter.I have not seen a moose or any wildlife in years of flying this area. Fishing in conservation areas, there are no bugs or birds, and the bush is scary quiet.

Source: Clear cutting, herbicides must be stopped


Which Kills More Birds: Oil Spills or Solar Plants and Windmills?

Renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, are supposedly more friendly to wildlife than oil. But that’s not necessarily true.

Source: Which Kills More Birds: Oil Spills or Solar Plants and Windmills? – Investors.com


Deer of Our Future

The current wildlife management programs in America are now driven by “natural regulation” and predator protection. If this continues, the below photo is about all that will be left for people to “view” for deer in their state. Add to that, elk, moose, caribou and many others.



Be My Little Baby Bumble Bee

Except it’s not a bumble bee.


Milt Inman Photo


Ole What’s Her Name


Milt Inman Photo


Milt’s Corner – Flamingo


Milt Inman Photo


Milt’s Corner – Florida Panther


Milt Inman Photo


Milt’s Corner – Whistler Ducks


Milt Inman Photo