January 30, 2023

132-Year-Old Winchester Rifle Found At Great Basin National Park

“The find left park staff wondering why someone would leave their rifle and not come back? Numerous questions such as that one surround the small piece of American heritage found and recovered by park archaeologists in November.”<<<Read More>>>


Mountain Lion Sighting in Winchester, Mass.

A mountain lion has been sighted in Winchester. A resident reported seeing a mountain lion in the Dunster Lane, Pepper Hill Drive neighborhood off of Ridge Street. Massachusetts Environmental Police responded and viewed the animal’s paw print and stated the tracks strongly resembled that of a mountain lion. Photos of the tracks were sent to Mass Wildlife for verification.<<<Read More>>>



Hunting in Maine Circa 1975

Check out this older photo of me some time around 1975. I was around 23 at the time I suppose. I had lots of dark brown hair, sideburns and I think that’s supposed to be a mustache dirtying up my upper lip. Looks like brand new hunting jacket and hat. Pressed pants? What’s up with that? And where’s the double chin?

Also check out the 1894 Winchester 4-shot lever action 30-30 saddle rifle. A sure collector’s item today. Still have it. It was my Daddy’s.

Photo is courtesy of Milton Inman.

Milt Inman Photo