October 1, 2022

Official Shoots and Kills Elk Because Radio Collar Wouldn’t Release

This entire story tells us there are serious flaws with the methods being employed to study elk with radio telemetry and that stupidity rules at many levels of government.

In the Wind Cave National Park, one elk that was wearing a radio collar was shot and killed by a park official because it was time to get the collar off the elk and it wouldn’t release and fall off as designed. From an AP report it reads:

The collar, which is part of an elk study, was nearing the end of its active life but had failed to disconnect from the elk’s neck on radio command, officials said. Once radio signals stopped, possibly in a week or two, it would have been nearly impossible to find the elk and recover the collar.

So, officials had “possibly in a week or two” to find the elk. They killed it anyway. Would it have harmed the elk to leave the damned collar on it? Perhaps the brilliant officials at the park should allow a bit more time than “perhaps a week or two” before they attempt to release the collar. With more time, they could improve their chances of finding the elk. Officials should have known the difficulty in tracking down and tranquilizing an elk as somebody had to have caught up with the elk in the first place to place the collar on it.

But the real question here also becomes where are the hypocritical animal worshipers protesting the unnecessary killing of an elk? Oh, that’s right. The animal killed was a game animal and not one of their precious predators those so perverse bow down to.

There certainly is no lack of ignorance, stupidity and perversion.