November 29, 2023

Man Chased By Wolf Pack – Learns Nothing From It

Below is a teaser and a link to a story of a man in Washington state, while walking some 400-500 yards to his car, is chased by a pack of 4 wolves. The story is entertaining and at times can leave a reader wondering just how dangerous are these wolves.

The author of the piece states that at the end of the article he has included “bonus facts” about wolves. Bonus is right I guess because what he shares is not of much practical use to the next person who ventures into wolf country who needs to know how to prepare. Learning about wolf howling and how gray wolves became domesticated does little to educate about wolf behavior prior to and during attack and the diseases they spread and how to best deal with them.

From the article:

“Now, I’m no dummy. I did not come unprepared for such a scenario… well, OK I wasn’t expecting wolves. Coyotes, sure. They are always around on the property (or were before the wolves moved into the neighborhood), as are sometimes bears, an occasional cougar, and the like, but they pretty much leave you alone if you leave them alone, and generally run away if they see you from my experience- or in the bear’s case, amble off and ignore you the whole time. But just in case for something like coyotes who were really hungry because it is winter, I had a hatchet… in my hand… A gun had never seemed necessary up to this point, but at the moment, I’d not have turned down an M134 if one was offered…”