February 5, 2023

Wolf Management(?) Nonsense

In this short article sent to me out of Wisconsin, little in it makes sense. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has decided, per recommendation from some Wolf Advisory Committee, to reduce the number of permits that will be available for the upcoming fall wolf hunt. Why? “the proposed harvest aims to reduce the state’s overall wolf population, but not by as much as this past year…”

That must mean that too many wolves were killed which resulted in placing the wolf population at or below the desired management population goals. Wrong! “The state had an estimated 650 wolves at the end of this winter, down 19 percent from a year ago. The original management goal is around 350.”

And then we learn that the DNR/Wolf Committee want no more than 156 wolves harvested during the hunt and so only 91 permits will be issued to actual hunters. Huh? “only 91 animals would be hunted since the state’s Chippewa tribes are entitled to half of the permits and they oppose hunting wolves.”

Such brilliance! So long as wildlife, including game animals, are managed due to pressure from anti hunting and animal rights groups and what the social demands are, it is hopeless. Either the Wisconsin DNR are not very bright people or they are just knuckling under to the demands of the environmentalists that overpower the Wolf Committee. They then attempt to present media reports that make no sense at all.