October 7, 2015

When Wolves Become Terrorists

*Editor’s Note* – Wolf advocates say that people need to learn to “co-exist” with wolves, but is there ever a point in which a line is drawn in their minds where the wolves are taking more than their share of co-existence than the people? It seems that regardless of the results of any wolf encounter, […]

Chemical Aerosol Spraying and How it Relates to Wolf Introduction

And think about this for a moment. Why do you suppose agencies like Fish and Wildlife are so eager to reintroduce wolves and other species into areas of the country which haven’t seen these animals for generations. It’s all part of the plan to restore this land to what the elite envision as its early […]

Wisconsin Deer Hunter Fends off Wolves with Walther PK .380

The first wolf came in from the right, mouth open, fangs ready to rip into Nellesen’s leg. A swift kick from the man’s boot landed square on the wolf’s face and deflected the bite. “That first wolf missed my leg by 8-10 inches,” he said. The other two wolves weren’t far behind. As the next […]

Ranchers, don’t trust wolves to know ‘good’ from ‘bad’ 

*Editor’s Note* – The article linked-to below if pretty good. The lack of thinking and knowledge here, as expressed in the claim that there are good wolves and bad wolves and the good wolves are on “neighborhood crime watch” to keep the bad wolves from eating up livestock, is beyond foolish. It’s ignorant, heavily weighted […]

New Mexico says no to wolves, creating quandary for federal officials

*Editor’s Note* – The author of this article states that the Feds “can go over the state’s head” but questions whether or not the Feds will do that. The answer is simple: Of course they will. They have a history of breaking laws and doing just as they damned please anyway. So, why act as […]

Wolf snatches puppy in ‘scared’ Swedish town

After a baby Jack Russell was snatched from his front yard by a wolf in central Sweden, the man who was dogsitting the puppy has told The Local that his town is growing scared about the number of attacks in the area. Source: Wolf snatches puppy in ‘scared’ Swedish town – The Local Share

Wolves close popular area as they hunt around Banff townsite

*Editor’s Note* – I highlighted a comment made below in the excerpt that gives me pause. Is this official actually suggesting that wolves are not dangerous to people but a bear might be? How absurd. An area near the Banff townsite has been closed to the public after wolves were spotted feasting on an elk about 20 metres […]

Fight off Wolf Attack With House Key?

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, along comes another beauty. Along the shores of Like Winnepeg, in Manatoba, Canada, resident’s pet dogs, some German Shepard, have been attacked and killed by wolves..or at least that is what officials are calling them. One official said that if you go out, carry a big stick. […]

Farmers dogs killed by wolves in Northern Wisconsin

For the past eight years, farmer Paul Canik has been protecting his exotic sheep worth thousands of dollars from wolves with a special breed of guard dog, a mix including Spanish Mastiff.After eight years, the wolves have killed two of Canik’s dogs. The first one was over Mother’s Day weekend, and a week ago, the second dog has been […]

Wolves, coyotes and foxes roaming Trenton streets, councilman says

*Editor’s Note* – Snicker…snicker. And what should people expect? Protect them and they will come! Packs of wild animals including wolves, coyotes and foxes are running around on city streets after dark and residents are raising concerns about their safety, according to a Trenton councilman.Councilman George Muschal said he received reports from residents about the […]