November 26, 2022

The Evolution of Hunting Humor of Which Some Just Can’t See


The day was December 4, 2007. In my email I was sent what I immediately perceived as a funny, and FAKE photograph in which it was being claimed captured the image of a world record whitetail deer taken during a harvest. I immediately posted it on my former blog, The Black Bear Blog, for a laugh. Over time, the posting received 72 comments, that, should you desire to go back and read them, you would discover what I did (or maybe not) that some people just don’t get it….ever! Still laughing.

i dont believe it! its rigged. if that was the deers antlers then the neck would be alot bigger. that rack is too heavy for such a lil neck….

is this a joke
I have hunted for 30 years and have never seen such animal to exist….

can some one tell me how that deer can even fit through the woods much less eat……

dude this is soooo fake we aint stupid ya know!…..

That was nearly 6 years ago. Today, someone has modernized the use of the photograph, perhaps in an odd sort of way, to make it more easy to relate to and in keeping with current events. Below is what I was sent in my email box and it struck me funny that what I sent around (the origins of which I do not know) six years ago, found its way back home. Too funny!


And, honest to God people! Both of these are fake, Fake, FAKE…..unless of course you believe in Barack H. Obama, then all bets are off.