June 5, 2023

WOLF: What’s to Misunderstand?

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SmallWolfCoverWOLF: What’s to Misunderstand – by Thomas K. Remington

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About the Book

This is not your typical feel good, warm and fuzzy book about how “spiritual” wolves are and how they keep to themselves, fearful of humans and are a necessary part of a healthy ecosystem. I don’t believe any of these things. But then again, this book is really more of the politics and corruption behind the (re)introduction of wolves into places like the Northern Rockies, the Desert Southwest, the Southeast, Western Great Lakes and the over-protection of wolves by those who actually believe in those things I’ve mentioned above.

This book is a reality check. Sorry, that there are no “fuzzy” moments that will bring a tear to your eye.

Americans were sold a lemon. Citizens were mostly convinced that the protection of a species, that needed no protection, was good for ecosystems. And then we were taken to the cleaners with all kinds of promises about how wolves would have no substantial effect on ranchers and private land owners, public safety and health. We were promised no loss of hunting opportunities due to reductions in game herds. We were told wolves don’t carry and spread any diseases that they deemed were not worth mentioning. All of this based on a fabricated recovery baseline of 300 wolves in the Northern Rockies.

Due to corrupt manipulation of data, lawsuits and activist judges, wolves in the Northern Rockies have climbed to 3,000 – 6,000, depending on which lie you choose to believe. Certainly the promises of 300 and the realities of 6,000 is a disaster – and lawsuits continue in order to further protect the gray wolf.
This book explores the actual history of wolves, worldwide, as our U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service deemed history accounts of wolves, including diseases and attacks on humans, as mostly fictitious nonsense that they had no interest in bothering with.

I’ve laid out for the reader a truthful examination of events leading up to the (re)introduction of wolves in the Northern Rockies, as well as a break down of the Environmental Impact Statement for Wolf Reintroduction.

I’ve included information about the corruption and politics that took place before wolves were removed from Federal protection in the Western Great Lakes as well as the nonsense of forcing hybrid semi-wild dogs into the desert Southwest.

To bring wolves to the Yellowstone National Park area, somebody went to Canada to trap, tag and radio-collar gray wolves. Without the existence of a paper trail, it has become difficult to know exactly what took place from the time wolves were trapped and then released. This book examines all the evidence, including testimony from those who say the wolf was brought into the U.S. illegally and full of disease.
There is an entire chapter on some of the more prominent and vitally important diseases that wolves carry and spread, including the Echinococcus tapeworm that can be fatal to humans. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, refusing to examine historic documents that clearly show a world-wide problem with disease, instead told the citizens of this nation there was no evidence to support any claims on any serious threat to humans and other wildlife. Instead, their concerns were only for the wolf.

Not to just belabor the issues of disease, the book provides information on how dog owners, hunters and anyone visiting the outdoors can reduce any risks of contracting these diseases.

In selling the public on placing wolves in the U.S., the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service completely ignored all, not just some, all of the human elements of what the event would do and bring. This action clearly shows the mindset of the wolf recovery team and those behind the push, against the wishes of a corrupt, inept United States Congress, to force humans to coexist with wolves. This negligence leads one to believe the act to be criminal.

The world doesn’t revolve around gray wolves or those that are in love with this vicious killer. This usurpation of human rights and disregard for private property rights, is but a small part of an overall existence in this world to destroy all things normal. You’ll learn of the global power structure that orchestrates things like the environmental movement, creating “new knowledge” and changing the “paradigm” and how we talk about wildlife management. With a disregard and efforts to actually destroy “normal” wildlife science, the future for our wildlife and the long-term effects it will have on the American Society looks extremely bleak, unless we can somehow reverse this trend.

The final chapter of this book is dedicated to trying to take a look into where things are headed in the world and what we can expect so long as we have leaders, like those who lead the charge toward wolf (re)introduction, selling the public on their brand of corrupt and incompetent wildlife management.
Nope, no look at communing with wolves or finding any “crying” wolves. This book is a reality check on what kind of animal we are dealing with. It doesn’t mean I hate wolves or that anybody has to hate wolves. The fact is we can’t protect them to the point of destruction of other species, as well as the wolf itself. That is the ultimate in irresponsible. All wild animal species have their place in the grand scheme of things. Private property destruction and threatening human existence, by forcing wolves into human-settled landscapes is a recipe for disaster.

About the Author

I was born and raised in rural Maine; poor but much loved by family. I was taught about respect and how to be and think independently. There was no other way to survive. I’ve carried that throughout my life, making me the person that I am. I am grateful to my parents for their love and direction.

After one year of college, realizing it was a waste of my time and money, during the Vietnam War era, I joined the military where I studied in computer programming, electronics, repair, weapon systems and military intelligence. After leaving the military my education has been self-made, an autodidact. It took years of reading and research and with the help of other brilliant and caring people, I discovered that the cover of this book of earthly life is not well represented inside the pages. Most of my life, I had been taught lies. With the help of our Creator, His Son and Holy Spirit, Truth is the driving force in my life.

I’ve worn many hats through the course of my life…so far, with no end in sight. I’ve paid my way working in the ski industry, sales, carpentry, contracting, building homes, volunteering, organizing, coaching kids baseball, soccer, and skiing, running the county baseball league, river clean-up work, creating and developing recreation trails and so much more. After a semi-disabling back surgery, my wife and I entered the hospitality industry, constructing our own bed and breakfast. After selling that business we took up hotel/motel management, managing several small motels and inns. The last of my hospitality journey found me in Florida managing a health spa for Sheraton Hotels.

During my tenure with Sheraton, I began writing my first book – The Legend of Grey Ghost and Other Tales From the Maine Woods. It was a joint effort with my son. It proved to be a rewarding experience and set the stage for a late-in-life career as a writer, researcher, journalist and author. It took a few years after leaving the hotel/motel business to find the time to put to ink my experiences over the years as an innkeeper, motel/hotel manager. This became my second book – Nobody in Their Right Mind Should Want to be an Innkeeper. Lot’s of laughs.

This current book is my third. It has taken nearly a year to compile, toiling for many hours to get it right. I’m sure this also will prove to be rewarding but I must say I prefer to write humor and so, I think, when this book is completed, I will continue writing but a bit more on the lighter side of things.
As an independent person and self-reliant thinker, trying to live a life in pursuit of God’s will and His unselfishly given freedom, I operate alone. I am beholding to no man. Nobody owns me and nobody pays my way. I belong to no clubs, churches or organizations. I am not a political hack or a shill and I steer clear, as much as possible, from established lifestyles. I mostly detest the media because they lie and are paid huge sums of money to do it; in deliberate attempts to mislead the people.

In discovering the truth about government, I’ve come to realize that those in Congress, the White House and all associated departments, are made up of two distinct kinds of people: those connected to the ruling establishment and those that are not. The Ruling Establishment, blinded by the lust for power, control and money, place no value on your life or mine….NONE! Although the act is well rehearsed. God instructs us to steer clear of these people, and so I do.

So, there you have it. My life story in seven easy to write paragraphs. I have no capital letters after my name, that gives some comfort; for or against. I am an intelligent, independent thinker, who, through a gift from God, sees and understands things probably differently than most. And I share this collection of differences with you.



Are wolves misunderstood? If so, by whom? What does “misunderstood” mean? A dictionary definition of “misunderstood” says that it means, “improperly understood” or “unappreciated.” There are two adjective meanings to “understand.” 1. “agreed upon; known in advance; assented to” 2. “implied but not stated; left unexpressed.” The use of the prefix “mis” is most often used to mean, “ill,” “mistaken,” “wrong,” or “incorrect.”

To misunderstand then must mean that, 1. there is no agreement (about wolves); 2. notions about wolves are not known in advance; 3. it is wrong or incorrect to assume someone’s ideas about the wolf are factual ; 4. somebody had the wrong idea that the topic of wolves was assumed to be a certain way; 5. it has never, ever really been stated or was improperly stated, information about wolves.

Too often, people are told that “wolves are misunderstood” and because of that, the wolf is something different than what others have or are saying it is. Whether or not one chooses to take the bait that wolves are misunderstood, does not necessarily make another perspective on misunderstood wolves understood and the right one.

I can more clearly state this by simply saying, to state that wolves are misunderstood, is to accuse anyone with a different idea, or scientific evidence, as being wrong. It muddies an already emotional and sometimes perverse topic.

I will call the honest approach to the scientific method, normal. Everything else is not normal. It is instead, wrong, unscientific, new-science, outcome-based, paradigm shifting and/or best available science, to name a few. Discussions, nay, monologues, sermons, diatribes and the like, bastardize the normal scientific method. However, people don’t understand this concept and simply run with what they think sounds good and falls within their comfort zones. Science is supposed to be the discovery of what is. Instead, it has become the manufacture of what isn’t: new science, a change in the way scientific issues are discussed and even the claim of creating new knowledge for the purpose of achieving desired outcomes to promote agendas that people feel good about rather than what is real discovery of truth via an honest and proven scientific method.

Of course such “post normal” non scientific theater, while an exemplification of ignorance, is the absolute root of corruption. As you read this book, it will leave you having to decide, in some cases, whether the actions of some were innocent, ignorant or corrupt…..or any combination of the three.
After a decade of reading, writing and research on wolves, I have discovered that every aspect, every topic that deals with wolves in the wild, has been co-opted by those furthering the proliferation of wolves in every back yard and on every doorstep. Truth will not sustain this. Post-normal science creates theories that may sound good and suffices to sell a product but it does not make it right.

It is my attempt here to expose the historic and scientific truth about a distorted subject, i.e. wolves. To many, it may simply appear as another person’s perspective on wolves and the realities of being subjected to tyrannical, totalitarian socialists, bent on forcing their ideologue onto others. View it as you must but any personal perspectives on this subject matter, expressed in the following book, are based upon historic and scientific documents, all of which are provided for your own scrutiny.

There’s little to misunderstand about wolves and thus the title of the book, Wolves: What’s to Misunderstand?. There’s seldom anything to misunderstand about facts and truth, unless one struggles with comprehension. To claim otherwise is a giant step toward dishonesty and ultimately corruption.

For too many, the inability to separate the wheat from the chaff, is real. Over our life spans, we have been convinced to trust our government, our leaders, those, even the unelected, who make the important decisions that affect our lives. This is wrong on every level and dangerous. Where much of this book is an examination of what has taken place with wolves, worldwide, beginning many years ago, you will discover that believing what we were told by governmental, non elected officials, not only has cost the American people in many ways but has put far too many at a health risk. We must learn from this going forward. Anything short is insanity.

In selling the American public on (re)introducing wolves to the Greater Yellowstone Area, we were lied to. Some are uncomfortable with the use of the word “lie,” but what are we suppose to call, the fabrication of information used to sell a product; a product that has proven to be faulty from the onset, which deliberate obfuscation of historic and scientific data and a refusal to consider virtually every aspect of how wolves would effect humans. It was all about the wolf and only the wolf, even at the detriment of the human being. This must be realized as incredibly wrong.

Even the historic journals of Lewis and Clark have been homogenized to fit a new narrative. Forget truth. The attempt is to make truth nothing it really is. Historic accounts of wolves and wolf attacks on humans around the globe were categorically dismissed, labeling that information as “poorly documented,” unreliable and “unable to prove or disprove” and therefore deemed it useless information.

The World Health Organization reported that in Romania, during a 10-year period, over 8,000 people contracted a potentially deadly disease carried and spread by wolves; information the U.S. Government opted not to share with fellow Americans, labeling it unimportant – at least to wolves I surmise.

Perhaps you are one who doesn’t trust government but finds comfort in the justice system, believing the Courts get it right. When the same judges, contradict their own rulings, create new scientific terms and disregard instructions and rulings by higher courts and other rulings, should we then be quite so eager to find solace in the judicial machinations? When it comes to court rulings on wolves, doubling down on legalese and “arbitrary” and “capricious” actions, is the norm it appears. Courts claim the wolves cannot recognize humans’ boundaries but then the Endangered Species Act, perhaps the most powerful piece of legislation in existence, uses boundaries for everything, including the selling to the public the idea that a “non essential” and an “experimental” population of wolves, carved out of the Idaho, Wyoming and Montana landscape, would be separate from existing wolf populations. And yet, when it came time to “delist” wolves from Federal protection, it was denied by the Court because wolves hadn’t crossed those imaginary boundaries and cross bred with other wolves.

Confused? Just more court legalese designed such that most of us cannot and will not understand.
To discover the root of where we were led astray, creates the foundation for our future. We cannot and will not correct it by beating a dead horse that we need to solve that problem at the ballot box. No, the problem began a long time ago. The Ruling Establishment understood the human nature they had created. Once firmly in place, manipulation of words directed at the brainwashed masses, results in the accomplishment of terrible things because it’s foundation is in evil corruption and the hoarding of power and control.

Nothing is as it appears. We have been taught all the wrong things. Voting will not change that. Seeking Truth will. That’s the beginning.