January 27, 2023

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Echinococcosis Treatment

The YUDJINA Clinic specialises on the Echinococcosis Hydatid Cyst treatment (alveolar type also) – a very complex infectious disease caused by the helminthic invasion. The degree of insidiousness of this disease and its consequences can be compared, perhaps, only to cancer. The Echinococcosis infection and the development of the disease proceed imperceptibly for the person exposed to the larvated eggs. Echinococcosis is hard to diagnose.

“Time to Cry Wolf” – Damaging Impacts of Predator Diseases on Wildlife, Livestock and Humans.
By Heather Smith Thomas

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources website has a respectable page with information about E.G.

The Centers for Disease Control has basic information and answers to frequently asked questions about E.G.

The government website of Newfoundland and Labrador contains information on E.G. and hydatid cysts in moose. It notes that lungs infected with cysts can restrict breathing capacity in return limiting ability to escape predators.

This link is to an article about E.G. and contains several valuable links to scientific research and information about hydatid disease as well as echinocossus granulosus.